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Taurasi’s stats helping teach math

Published on May 25, 2011


Twitter user @Alexx_TheGreat posted early Wednesday morning about seeing WNBA star Diana Taurasi in her math book:

Diana Taurasi is in my math book :-) that makes me happy

@Alexx_TheGreat  posted on Twitter a photo of the math problem. It uses statistics from Taurasi’s 2006 season:


Diana Taurasi, of the Phoenix Mercury, was the WNBA’s top scorer for the 2006 regular season, with a total of 860 points. The number of two-point field goals that Taurasi made was 65 less than double the number of three-point field goals she made. The number of free throws (each worth one point) she made was 34 less than the number of two-point field goals she made. Find how many free throws, two-point field goals, and three-point field goals Diana Taurasi made during the 2006 regular season.

From Intermediate Algebra: A Graphing Approach by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, Margaret Greene


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