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Dishin & Swishin 7/26/12 Podcast: A look at recruiting with Kelly Graves, Charmin Smith & Kenny Kallina

Published on July 26, 2012


If you follow any college coaches on Twitter, your timeline this month has been loaded with tweets about travel arrangements, road hazards, airport characters, meals on the go and the observations of various high school prospects across the country.

July is one of the most important times in the recruiting of high school athletes. It includes some of the biggest and best tournaments, filled with the most talented players, throughout the country. The problem is, the coaches can only see things at certain times and at certain tournaments, approved by the NCAA. This creates quite the dilemma for coaches who would like to see multiple players, and sends coaches scurrying all over the nation in the pursuit of “being seen” by the top prospects.

On today’s Dishin & Swishin podcast, we delve into the world of high school recruiting . Granted, if we wanted to look at all facets of the subject, we would have to do a daily podcast of multiple hours each to cover it all. You will come away from today’s show with some great information and a renewed respect for what those involved go through.

We start it off with Kenny Kallina, who runs the Girls Basketball Insider Recruiting Service and a coach as well. Kallina takes pride in his analysis of the top high school prospects and the top club teams, and travels extensively taking in information on both. We discussed the top prospects for 2013 and 2014 that are still unsigned and some possible destinations, as well as which club programs seem to be generating the top talent throughout the country. We also talked about some of the top incoming freshmen for this year, and some of the 2013 signings. It is an interesting look at high school players through the eyes of someone who analyzes their game in far more depth than the average spectator.

How difficult is it for the coaches to view players during this limited time? We talked to two of them, and of course there is no mention of specific players, but the viewing process was explored in depth.

The California Golden Bears are on the rise under head coach Lindsay Gottlieb, and she has an outstanding collection of talent evaluators on her staff. One of those is Stanford alum Charmin Smith, recently promoted to associate head coach, who played in three final fours herself.

Cal is in the forefront of social media usage in recruiting, from their dynamic web site to the constant Twitter feeds of their coaches. Smith is one of the very best at what she does, and it was great discussing how Cal sells itself to recruits from the onset of the process, through the July evaluation period, and onto campus in the end. Cal also has a new recruiting tool, the Pac-12 Network. Of course we discussed the 2012-13 Golden Bears, a team that is returning most of its key players from a team that pushed Notre Dame in the NCAA tournament.

Finally, it is always a pleasure to bring Gonzaga coach Kelly Graves back to Dishin & Swishin. Graves has been a frequent guest, and was more than happy to discuss how Gonzaga “attacks” the summer recruiting. Some may think of Gonzaga as a program that is more regional in its recruiting, and they have in fact had great success in the state of Washington, but Graves and his staff are out recruiting nationwide. We discussed the pros and cons of the short July viewing period. Graves was open about the problems that go with such limited access, and also the financial issues that accompany a lot of the issues with recruiting. We also talked about the upcoming season briefly, the Olympic Games, and his thoughts on my Yankees getting Ichiro from his Mariners. It is always great to listen to Coach Graves!

So we are talking high school recruiting today. You may not know everything when you are done with this podcast, but you will be better equipped to know what your favorite school has to deal with, and who the best players are they going after.




  • It is indeed a short time to review all the potential players they could recruit from several schools, well some coaches considers recommendations from schools and review the tapes of the players previous performance to decide.



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