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NCAA DI Coaching Changes

Published on March 7, 2016


NCAA DI Coaching Changes
Last updated: 12/9/17

Changes Prior to June 2016

School Previous Coach New coach
Monmouth Jenny Palmateer
Dismissed 12/8/17
Assistant coach Jody Craig assumes all head coach responsibilities.

Changes from July 2016 – November 2017

School Previous Coach New coach
Arkansas Jimmy Dykes
Resigned 3/3/17 (no notice on school website of coaching change)
Mike Neighbors
Hire announced 4/3/17
Belmont Cameron Newbauer
Resigned to take job at Florida
Bart Brooks
Hire announced 4/24/17
Cal State Fullerton Daron Parks
Resigned 3/11/17
Jeff Harada
Hire announced 4/17/17
Davidson Michele Savage
Dismissed 3/8/17
Gayle Coats Fulks
Hire announced 5/10/17
Delaware Tina Martin
Announced retirement 4/28/17
Natasha Adair
Hire announced 5/14/17
Denver Kerry Cremeans
Resigned 3/7/17
Jim Turgeon
Hired 3/28/17
Eastern Illinois Debbie Black
Fired 3/7/17
Matt Bollant
Hire announced 4/14/17
Florida Amanda Butler
Fired 3/6/17
Cameron Newbauer
Hired 3/27/17
Florida Atlantic Kellie Lewis-Jay
Fired 3/6/17
Jim Jabir
Hire announced 4/6/17
Georgetown Natasha Adair
Resigned 5/14/17 to take job at Delaware
James Howard
Hire announced 6/14/17
Grambling State Nadine Domond
Resigned 6/17/16
Freddie Murray
Named head coach after serving as interim coach for 2016-17
Grand Canyon Trent May
Fired 3/7/17
Nicole Powell
Hire announced 4/11/17
Illinois Matt Bollant
Fired 3/14/17
Nancy Fahey
Hire announced 3/22/17
Illinois State Barb Smith
Fired 3/12/17 (no notice on school website of coaching change)
Kristen Gillespie
Hire announced 4/3/17
Lafayette Theresa Grentz
Released 4/4/17
Kia Damon
Hire announced 5/31/17
Long Beach State Jody Wynn
Resigned 4/14/17 to take job at Washington
Jeff Cammon
Hire announced 5/10/17
Marshall Matt Daniel
Resigned 3/12/17
Tony Kemper
Promoted to head coach on 3/17/17
Miami University Cleve Wright
Fired 3/10/17
Megan Duffy
Hire announced 4/3/17
Mississippi Valley State Jessica Kern
Resigned to take job at Tennessee State
Ashley Walker
Hire announced 5/5/17
Missouri-Kansas City Marsha Frese
Fired 3/15/17
Jacie Hoyt
Hire announced 5/11/17
Morgan State Donald Beasley
Reassigned 6/18/16 to another position
Edward Davis Jr.
Named interim coach 6/18/16; interim title removed 6/30/17
Mount St. Mary’s Bryan Whitten
Fired 3/21/17
Maria Marchesano
Hire announced 5/1/17
Murray State Rob Cross
Fired 2/27/17
Rechelle Turner
Hired 3/29/17
Nevada Jane Albright
Announced retirement 3/1/17
Amanda Levens
Hire announced 3/31/17
New Mexico State Mark Trakh
Resigned to take job at USC 4/21/17
Brooke Atkinson
Hire announced 5/3/17
North Carolina Central Vanessa Taylor
Fired 3/23/17
Trisha Stafford-Odom
Hire announced 5/8/17
Northern Arizona Sue Darling
“Change in leadership” announced 9/23/16
Loree Payne
Hire announced 4/7/17
Old Dominion Karen Barefoot
Resigned to take job at UNCW
Nikki McCray-Penson
Hire announced 5/24/17
Pepperdine Ryan Weisenberg
Fired 3/8/17
DeLisha Milton-Jones
Promoted from asst. coach 3/29/17
Southern California Cynthia Cooper-Dyke
Resigned 3/3/17
Mark Trakh
Hire announced 4/21
Southeastern Louisiana Errol Gauff
Resigned 3/9/17
Ayla Guzzardo
Promoted to head coach 4/3/17
Tennessee State Larry Inman
Resigned 3/9/17
Jessica Kern
Hire announced 4/12/17
Towson Niki Reid Geckeler
Resigned 6/22/17 to take asst. coach job at Georgetown
Diane Richardson
Hire announced 6/28/17
UNC Wilmington Adell Harris
Resigned 4/11/17
Karen Barefoot
Hire announced 5/3/17
UTEP Keitha Adams
Resigned to take job at Wichita State
Kevin Baker
Hire announced 4/24/17
UTSA Luby Lichonczak
Fired 8/11/17
Kristen Holt
Hire announced 8/12/17
Washington Mike Neighbors
Resigned 4/3/17 to take job at Arkansas
Jody Wynn
Hire announced 4/14/17
Wichita State Jody Adams-Birch
Released 1/22/17
Keitha Adams
Hire reported 3/29/17
Winthrop Kevin Cook
Released 2/24/17
Lynette Woodard
Promoted 3/28/17

Changes Prior to June 2016

School Previous Coach New coach
Alabama A&M Semeka Randall
Resigned 5/26/16
Margaret Richards
Hire announced 6/2/2016
Albany Katie Abrahamson-Henderson
Resigned 4/1/15
Joanna Bernabei-McNamee
Hire announced 4/15/16
Arizona Niya Butts
Released 3/1/2016
Adia Barnes
Hire announced 4/4/16
Bradley Michael Brooks
Released 3/14/161
Andrea Gorski
Hire announced 4/9/16
Campbell Wanda Watkins
Resigned 3/16/16
Ronny Fisher
Hire announced 4/5/16
Central Florida Joi Williams
Released 3/7/2016
Katie Abrahamson-Henderson
Hire announced 4/1/16
Colgate Nicci Hays Fort
Resigned 3/10/16
Bill Cleary
Hire announced 3/29/16
Colorado Linda Lappe
Resigned 3/7/2016
JR Payne
Hire announced 3/28/16
Columbia Stephanie Glance
Stepped down 9/14/2015 to become executive director of the Kay Yow Fund
Associate head coach Sheila Roux promoted to promoted to interim head coach
Megan Griffith
Hire announced 3/28/16
Coppin State Derek Brown
Announced retirement 4/22/16
DeWayne Burroughs
Hire announced 8/10/16
Dayton Jim Jabir
Announced resignation 9/7/16
Shauna Green
Hire announced 9/11/16
Eastern Michigan Tory Verdi
Resigned 3/9/16 to take job at Massachusetts
Fred Castro
Hire announced 5/5/2016
Evansville Oties Epps
Resigned 2/29/16
Matt Ruffing named permanent head coach on 12/22/16
Assistant coach Matt Ruffing named interim coach for rest of season and 2016-17
Florida International Marlin Chinn
Relieved of duties 3/11/16
Assistant coach Tiara Malcom named interim head coach
Tiara Malcom
Promoted to head coach 4/8/16
George Washington Jonathan Tsipis
Resigned 3/29/16
Jennifer Rizzoti
Hire announced 4/15/16
Grambling State Nadine Domond
Resigned 6/17/16
Interim coach: Freddie Murray
Hartford Jennifer Rizzoti
Resigned to take job at George Washington 4/15/16
Kim McNeill
Hire announced 5/25/16
Incarnate Word Kate Henderson
Resigned 3/7/2016
Christy Smith
Hire announced 4/13/16
IPFW Chris Paul
Released 3/9/16
Niecee Nelson
Hire announced 4/18/16
James Madison Kenny Brooks
Took job at Virginia Tech 3/28/16
Sean O’Regan
Promoted to head coach 4/9/16
Kennesaw State Nitra Perry
Released 3/7/2016
Agnus Berenato
Hire announced 3/30/16
Kent State Danielle O’Banion
Released 3/11/16
Todd Starkey
Hire announced 4/19/16
Louisiana Tech Tyler Summitt
Resigned 4/7/162
Mickie DeMoss named interim head coach 4/8/16
Brooke Stoehr
Hire announced 4/18/16
Loyola University Chicago Sheryl Swoopes
Released 7/3/2016
Kate Achter
Hire announced 7/19/16
Manhattan College John Olenowski
Released 3/6/16
Associate head coach Sonia Burke named interim coach 3/9/16
Heather Vulin
Hire announced 4/24/16
Massachusetts Sharon Dawley
Released 3/6/16
Tory Verdi
Hire announced 4/9/16
McNeese State Brooks Donald Williams
Resigned 4/7/16 to become an assistant coach at Alabama
Kacie Cryer
Promoted to head coach 4/8/16
Mississippi Valley State Elvis Robinson
Released 2/4/16
Assistant coach Melvin Williams named acting head coach
Jessica Kern
Hire announced 4/4/16
Montana Robin Selvig
Announced retirement 7/27/16
Shannon Schweyen
Hire announced 8/10/16
Morgan State Donald Beasley
Reassigned 6/18/16 to another position
Edward Davis Jr.
Named interim coach 6/18/16
Nebraska Connie Yori
Resigned 4/5/16
Amy Williams
Hire Announced 4/11/16
New Mexico Yvonne Sanchez
Released 3/18/16
Mike Bradbury
Hire announced 3/31/16
Norfolk State Debra Clark
Removed from position 1/20/16
Men’s basketball assistant coach Larry Vickers named interim head coach
Larry Vickers
Promoted to head coach 3/8/16
Northern Arizona Sue Darling
“Change in leadership” announced 9/23/16
Robyne Bostick named interim coach
(never announced by NAU)
Northern Kentucky Dawn Plitzuweit
Resigned to take job at South Dakota 4/22/16
Camryn Whitaker
Hire announced 5/6/16
Northwestern State Brooke Stoehr
Resigned to take job at Louisiana Tech
Jordan Dupuy
Hire announced 5/9/16
Prairie View A&M Dawn Brown
Released 3/22/16
Ravon Justice
Hire announced 4/12/16
Presbyterian College Ronny Fisher
Resigned 4/5/16
Todd Steelman
Hire announced 4/27/16
Providence Susan Robinson Fruchtl
Left to become director of athletics at St. Francis (PA)
Announced 4/11/16
Jim Crowley
Hire announced 5/10/16
Robert Morris Sal Buscaglia
Announced Retirement 3/7/15
His son, associate head coach Charlie Buscaglia, named as successor
Charlie Buscaglia
Will take over for 2016-17
San Francisco Jennifer Azzi
Resigned 9/15/16
Molly Goodenbour
Hire announced 9/28/16
Santa Clara JR Payne
Took job at Colorado
Bill Carr
Hire announced 4/15/16
Seattle University Joan Bonvicini
Resigned 3/29/16
Suzy Barcomb
Hire announced 4/18/16
South Dakota Amy Williams
Resignation announced 4/11/16, took job at Nebraska
Dawn Plitzuweit
Hire announced 4/22/16
Southeastern Louisiana Yolanda Moore
Released 3/16/2016
Errol Gauff
Hire announced 4/2/16
Southern Methodist Rhonda Rompola
Announced retirement 2/22/16
Travis Mays
Hire announced 4/7/16
St. Bonaventure Jim Crowley
Resignation announced 5/10/16
Jesse Fleming
Reported 5/25/16, Hire announced 5/26/16
Tennessee Tech Jim Davis
Announced retirement 2/29/16
Kim Rosamond
Hire announced 3/31
UC Irvine Doug Oliver
Announced retirement 1/12/16
Tamara Inoue
Hire announced 4/20/16
UNC Greensboro Wendy Palmer
Released 3/14/16
Trina Patterson
Hire announced 4/17/16
Vanderbilt Melanie Balcomb
Resigned 4/27/16
Stephanie White
Will join team at conclusion of Indiana Fever’s season
Vermont Lori Gear McBride
Released 3/25/16*
Courtnay Pilypaitis named interim head coach
Chris Day
Hire announced 5/11/16
Virginia Tech Dennis Wolff
Released 3/22/16
Kenny Brooks
Hire announced 3/28/16
Wagner Lisa Cermignano
Released 3/23/16
Heather Jacobs
Hire announced 4/15/16
Wichita State Jody Adams-Birch
Released 1/22/17
Linda Hargrove (interim coach)
Winthrop Kevin Cook
Released 2/24/17
Lynette Woodard (interim coach)
Wisconsin Bobbie Kelsey
Released 3/4/16
Jonathan Tsipis
Hire announced 3/31
Wofford Edgar I. Farmer
Resigned 3/4/16
Jimmy Garrity
Hire announced 4/25/16
Wright State Mike Bradbury
Resigned 3/31/16
Katrina Merriweather
Hire announced 4/19/16

1 Link to Google cache of news article. No indication on Bradley’s website of Brooks’ departure.
2 No official announcement available on Louisiana Tech website.
* Link to Google cached page. Original announcement was deleted from Vermont website.

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