• September 17, 2021

Cappie Pondexter speaks: Getting rest, Team USA, Fashion Week and more

cappa23tweet092110 Basketball star Cappie Pondexter is not on the squad competing for a title at the 2010 FIBA World Championships in the Czech Republic that begin September 23. According to her Twitter account feed, she decided to rest after years of non-stop competition. However, before she shed light via the online service about her decision to sit out of this year’s competition, she came under fire from fans and sports writers. Some questioned her dedication to the sport and her commitment to USA Basketball in light of the fact that she attended events at Fashion Week in New York City last week.

USA head coach Geno Auriemma said a little over a week ago that he did not expect her to be on the team.

“Cappie’s got some issues, physical. Wasn’t here either day, obviously,” he said. “She’s not making the trip to Spain with us when the team leaves tomorrow morning. Right now, if you asked me whether or not she’s going to join us at all, I would say, based on my conversations with her, probably not.”

Pondexter, a long-time member of Team USA, had a stellar season with the New York Liberty, her first with the Eastern Conference team after being traded from the Phoenix Mercury during a blockbuster trade in the offseason. She demanded the trade for professional reasons. She wanted to be closer to the epicenter of the fashion industry as it dovetails with the growth of her image consulting firm, 4 Season Style & Management.

She helped the Liberty set a franchise-record 10-game winning streak and garner a second playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. She led them to the Eastern Conference Finals and was a candidate for league MVP with just two votes shy of winner Seattle Storm forward-center Lauren Jackson.

In Cappie’s words:

Ok bout to state my peace:Liberty is where my heart is! If we were in finals does it seem like I woulda been a fashion week? The obvious no

All along I stated what my goal was n that’s to win a [championship]! MVP: I could care less if I won or not! LJ won it and I give her

All the respect bc she deserved it! For me I will continue to work harder! But in order for that to happen I had to rest my body after yrs

Of having no break! WBB players go through it n this year was the 1st year where I really pushed myself n team to a whole nother level!

Them for fashion week! Just so happen by the grace of God it all fell at the same time! I bleed usa bball and anyone who. Thinks otherwise

Need to go back in those history books n look at the truth! Since I was 16 n bc I’m 27 that will never change! My body broke down n for me

Have an even better year I had to give up something! Oh did I forget to mention I have to go to russia for 7 months! I just didn’t have the

Strength to do both! Regardless of my decision people, critcs,fans will have their own opinion what matters most is what I do next: The Quest

Fans began tweeting their support of Pondexter’s decision after she began posting her viewpoint:

  1. Lynette Baker
    pratilugetanwsr why does every1 have something 2 say abt @cappa23 not playin n the worlds. LBJ & WADE didn’t play & they didn’t get criticized so y cap
  2. Smooverachi
    ThisisEsmoove @cappa23 you don’t have to explain yourself…the people who always have something to say never been in the situations you deal with
  3. GM
    ohthatgary @cappa23 Girl, nothing wrong with your decision. You didn’t even have to explain yourself to anyone. You do what’s best for you!
  4. Dr. Philesha
    Buckets44 @cappa23 girl plz don’t even give that article no breath! Ur real fans know where ya heart/intentions r
  5. Kadilsha
    Kadilsha @cappa23 U deserved that break more than anyone I know!Those that truly know U understand that.Those that dont, will c da results nxt season
  6. Michelle Slaughter
    michellempr @cappa23 is the master of her own ship. People need to lay off, mind their own business & let her live her life.
  7. Ballers Never Quit
    Ballersnever @cappa23 Only you and GOD truly know what your body can take! No matter where u play you still number 1! People gone hate! Let them!
  8. Marianne Puma
    libfan @cappa23 like I said previously U need 2 do what is best 4 U n your real fans should understand that wish u were super woman but no 1 is
  9. Bryan W. Bomberg
    yahgotgame @cappa23 nice tweets…I’m in ur corner! Pro athletes need brks too! Take ur rest n do wrk when ur ready :)
  10. Nakaida
    KidaThaBalla @cappa23 you will always be my favorite playerDnt listen to them haters

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