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Officials for the Playoffs || Standings at End of Regular Season

WNBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 — Seattle 89, Washington 76
Game 2 — Seattle 75, Washington 73
Game 3 — Seattle 98, Washington 82

Playoffs Schedule

First Round
Tue. Aug. 21 Phoenix 101, Dallas 83
Tue. Aug. 21 Los Angeles 75, Minnesota 68
Second Round
Thu. Aug. 23 Washington 96, Los Angeles 64
Thu. Aug. 23 Phoenix 96, Connecticut 86
Seattle vs. Phoenix
Sun. Aug. 26 Seattle 91, Phoenix 87
Tue. Aug. 28 Seattle 91, Phoenix 87 OT
Fri. Aug. 31 Phoenix 86, Seattle 66
Sun. Sep. 2 Phoenix 86, Seattle 84
Tue. Sep. 4 Seattle 94, Phoenix 94
Atlanta vs. Washington
Sun. Aug. 26 Washington 87, Atlanta 84
Tue. Aug. 28 Atlanta 78, Washington 75
Fri. Aug. 31 Atlanta 81, Washington 76
Sun. Sep. 2 Washington 97, Atlanta 76
Tue. Sep. 4 Washington 86, Atlanta 81

Schedule subject to change

WNBA Regular Season Results

DateTime (ET)GameLocationTV/Streaming
18-May-18Phoenix 86, Dallas 78Talking Stick Resort Arena
19-May-18Chicago 82, Indiana 64Bankers Life Fieldhouse
20-May-18Washington 82, Indiana 75Capital One Arena
20-May-18Connecticut 101, Las Vegas 65Mohegan Sun Arena
20-May-18Dallas 101, Atlanta 78College Park Center
20-May-18Los Angeles 77, Minnesota 76Target Center
20-May-18Chicago 80, New York 76Wintrust Arena
20-May-18Phoenix 87, Seattle 82KeyArena
22-May-18Los Angeles 87, Indiana 70Bankers Life Fieldhouse
22-May-18Washington 75, Las Vegas 70Capital One Arena
23-May-18Atlanta 81, Chicago 63Wintrust Arena
23-May-18Minnesota 76, Dallas 68Target Center
23-May-18Seattle 87, Phoenix 71Talking Stick Resort Arena
24-May-18Washington 93, Indiana 84Bankers Life Fieldhouse
24-May-18Connecticut 102, Los Angeles 94Mohegan Sun Arena
25-May-18Minnesota 78, New York 72Westchester County Center
25-May-18Seattle 95, Chicago 91 OTKeyArena
26-May-18Dallas 78, Atlanta 70McCamish Pavilion
26-May-18Connecticut 86, Indiana 77Mohegan Sun Arena
27-May-18Washington 90, Minnesota 78Capital One Arena
27-May-18Los Angeles 80, Phoenix 72Staples Center
27-May-18Seattle 105, Las Vegas 98Mandalay Bay Events Center
29-May-18Atlanta 76, Minnesota 74McCamish Pavilion
29-May-18New York 94, Dallas 89Westchester County Center
29-May-18Seattle 81, Washington 77KeyArena
30-May-18Washington 103, Phoenix 95Talking Stick Resort Arena
31-May-18Seattle 101, Las Vegas 74KeyArena
1-Jun-18Phoenix 95, Minnesota 85Target Center
1-Jun-18Connecticut 110, Chicago 72Wintrust Arena
1-Jun-18Las Vegas 85, Washington 73Mandalay Bay Events Center
2-Jun-18New York 87, Indiana 81Bankers Life Fieldhouse
2-Jun-18Dallas 94, Seattle 90College Park Center
3-Jun-18Connecticut 88, Washington 64Capital One Arena
3-Jun-18Phoenix 78, Atlanta 71McCamish Pavilion
3-Jun-18Los Angeles 77, Minnesota 69Staples Center
3-Jun-18Chicago 95, Las Vegas 90Wintrust Arena
5-Jun-18Phoenix 80, New York 74Madison Square Garden
5-Jun-18Atlanta 82, Connecticut 77McCamish Pavilion
7-Jun-18Minnesota 88, Washington 80Capital One Arena
7-Jun-18Connecticut 88, New York 86Westchester County Center
7-Jun-18Seattle 88, Los Angeles 63Staples Center
8-Jun-18Atlanta 87, Las Vegas 83Mandalay Bay Events Center
8-Jun-18Dallas 89, Indiana 83Bankers Life Fieldhouse
8-Jun-18Phoenix 96, Chicago 79Talking Stick Resort Arena
9-Jun-18Connecticut 89, Minnesota 75Mohegan Sun Arena
10-Jun-18New York 78, Indiana 75Westchester County Center
10-Jun-18Los Angeles 77, Chicago 59Staples Center
10-Jun-18Phoenix 72, Las Vegas 66Talking Stick Resort Arena
10-Jun-18Atlanta 67, Seattle 64KeyArena
12-Jun-18Las Vegas 101, Indiana 92 OTBankers Life Fieldhouse
12-Jun-18Phoenix 75, Dallas 72College Park Center
12-Jun-18Seattle 96, Chicago 85KeyArena
12-Jun-18Los Angeles 72, Atlanta 64Staples Center
13-Jun-18Washington 95, Connecticut 91Mohegan Sun Arena
13-Jun-18Las Vegas 78, New York 63Westchester County Center
14-Jun-18Atlanta 72, Indiana 67McCamish Pavilion
15-Jun-18Los Angeles 97, Washington 86Capital One Arena
15-Jun-18Dallas 77, Las Vegas 67College Park Center
15-Jun-18Seattle 103, Connecticut 92KeyArena
16-Jun-18Indiana 96, Atlanta 64Bankers Life Fieldhouse
16-Jun-18Minnesota 85, New York 71Target Center
16-Jun-18Phoenix 89, Connecticut 72Talking Stick Resort Arena
17-Jun-18Los Angeles 81, Chicago 72Wintrust Arena
17-Jun-18Phoenix 92, Las Vegas 80Mandalay Bay Events Center
19-Jun-18Washington 88, Chicago 60Capital One Arena
19-Jun-18New York 79, Atlanta 72Westchester County Center
19-Jun-18Minnesota 91, Dallas 83Target Center
19-Jun-18Las Vegas 89, Seattle 77KeyArena
19-Jun-18Los Angeles 74, Indiana 55Staples Center
22-Jun-18Atlanta 75, Connecticut 70McCamish Pavilion
22-Jun-18Dallas 101, Los Angeles 72College Park Center
22-Jun-18Washington 93, Chicago 77Wintrust Arena
22-Jun-18Seattle 72, Indiana 63KeyArena
22-Jun-18Las Vegas 88, New York 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
22-Jun-18Minnesota 83, Phoenix 72Talking Stick Resort Arena
24-Jun-18Seattle 97, Dallas 76College Park Center
24-Jun-18Los Angeles 80, New York 54Staples Center
24-Jun-18Connecticut 87, Indiana 78Bankers Life Fieldhouse
24-Jun-18Minnesota 88, Las Vegas 73Mandalay Bay Events Center
24-Jun-18Chicago 97, Phoenix 88Wintrust Arena
26-Jun-18Washington 92, Connecticut 80Capital One Arena
26-Jun-18Phoenix 83, New York 69Westchester County Center
26-Jun-18Minnesota 91, Seattle 79Target Center
26-Jun-18Los Angeles 87, Dallas 83Staples Center
27-Jun-18Chicago 93, Atlanta 80Wintrust Arena
27-Jun-18Connecticut 101, Indiana 89Mohegan Sun Arena
27-Jun-18Dallas 97, Las Vegas 91Mandalay Bay Events Center
28-Jun-18Washinton 80, New York 77Capital One Arena
28-Jun-18Seattle 81, Los Angeles 72KeyArena
29-Jun-18Phoenix 95, Indiana 77Bankers Life Fieldhouse
29-Jun-18Chicago 103, New York 99Westchester County Center
29-Jun-18Minnesota 85, Atlanta 74Target Center
29-Jun-18Las Vegas 94, Los Angeles 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
30-Jun-18Phoenix 84, Washington 74Capital One Arena
1-Jul-18Minnesota 76, Dallas 72College Park Center
1-Jul-18Los Angeles 87, Las Vegas 71Bankers Life Fieldhouse
1-Jul-18Atlanta 87, Indiana 83Staples Center
1-Jul-18New York 97, Chicago 94 OTWintrust Arena
1-Jul-18Seattle 84, Connecticut 70KeyArena
3-Jul-18Seattle 77, New York 62Westchester County Center
3-Jul-18Dallas 108, Chicago 85College Park Center
3-Jul-18Indiana 71, Minnesota 59Target Center
3-Jul-18Connecticut 73, Los AngelesStaples Center
5-Jul-18Washington 86, New York 67Capital One Arena
5-Jul-18Dallas 90, Indiana 63College Park Center
5-Jul-18Minnesota 83, Los Angeles 72Target Center
5-Jul-18Las Vegas 84, Chicago 80Mandalay Bay Events Center
5-Jul-18Phoenix 84, Connecticut 77Talking Stick Resort Arena
6-Jul-18Seattle 95, Atlanta 86McCamish Pavilion
7-Jul-18Washington 83, Los Angeles 74Staples Center
7-Jul-18Chicago 77, Minnesota 63Wintrust Arena
7-Jul-18Las Vegas 94, Connecticut 90Mandalay Bay Events Center
8-Jul-18Atlanta 76, Phoenix 70McCamish Pavilion
8-Jul-18Dallas 97, New York 87Westchester County Center
8-Jul-18Seattle 97, Washington 91KeyArena
10-Jul-18Los Angeles 77, Seattle 75 OTKeyArena
10-Jul-18Dallas 101, Phoenix 72College Park Center
10-Jul-18Las Vegas 98, Chicago 74Wintrust Arena
11-Jul-18Atlanta 106, Washington 89Capital One Arena
11-Jul-18New York 79, Connecticut 76Mohegan Sun Arena
11-Jul-18Minnesota 87, Indiana 65Bankers Life Fieldhouse
12-Jul-18Dallas 92, Los Angeles 77Staples Center
13-Jul-18Washington 88, Chicago 72Capital One Arena
13-Jul-18Atlanta 98, Indiana 74McCamish Pavilion
13-Jul-18Connecticut 91, Phoenix 87Mohegan Sun Arena
13-Jul-18Las Vegas 85, Minnesota 77Target Center
14-Jul-18Seattle 91, Dallas 84KeyArena
15-Jul-18Atlanta 80, Washington 77McCamish Pavilion
15-Jul-18New York 107, Chicago 84Westchester County Center
15-Jul-18Phoenix 101, Indiana 82Bankers Life Fieldhouse
15-Jul-18Los Angeles 99, Las Vegas 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
15-Jul-18Connecticut 83, Minnesota 64Target Center
17-Jul-18Dallas 104, New York 87College Park Center
17-Jul-18Atlanta 86, Connecticut 83Mohegan Sun Arena
18-Jul-18Seattle 101, Chicago 83Wintrust Arena
18-Jul-18Minnesota 89, Indiana 65Target Center
19-Jul-18Atlanta 82, New York 68McCamish Pavilion
19-Jul-18Dallas 90, Washington 81College Park Center
19-Jul-18Las Vegas 85, Phoenix 82Talking Stick Resort Arena
20-Jul-18Seattle 78, Connecticut 65Mohegan Sun Arena
20-Jul-18Chicago 114, Dallas 99Wintrust Arena
20-Jul-18Indiana 78, Los Angeles 76Staples Center
21-Jul-18Washington 95, New York 78Westchester County Center
21-Jul-18Minnesota 80, Phoenix 75Talking Stick Resort Arena
22-Jul-18Atlanta 87, Seattle 74McCamish Pavilion
22-Jul-18Connecticut 92, Dallas 75College Park Center
22-Jul-18Las Vegas 88, Indiana 74Mandalay Bay Events Center
22-Jul-18Los Angeles 93, Chicago 76Wintrust Arena
24-Jul-18Connecticut 94, Washington 68Bankers Life Fieldhouse
24-Jul-18Seattle 92, Indiana 72Mohegan Sun Arena
24-Jul-18Minnesota 85, New York 82Target Center
24-Jul-18Atlanta 81, Los Angeles 71Staples Center
25-Jul-18Chicago 101, Phoenix 87Talking Stick Resort Arena
28-Jul-18All-Star Game
Team Parker 119, Team Delle Donne 112
Target Center
31-Jul-18Washington 86, Atlanta 71McCamish Pavilion
31-Jul-18Chicago 92, Dallas 91College Park Center
31-Jul-18Seattle 102, Phoenix 91Talking Stick Resort Arena
1-Aug-18Connecticut 92, New York 77Mohegan Sun Arena
1-Aug-18Phoenix 104, Las Vegas 93Mandalay Bay Events Center
2-Aug-18Indiana 84, Dallas 78Bankers Life Fieldhouse
2-Aug-18Los Angeles 79, Minnesota 57Staples Center
3-Aug-18Atlanta 89, Chicago 74McCamish Pavilion
3-Aug-18CanceledAces @ MysticsCapital One Arena
3-Aug-18Seattle 85, Minnesota 75KeyArena
4-Aug-18Indiana 68, New York 55Westchester County Center
5-Aug-18Connecticut 109, Las Vegas 88Mohegan Sun Arena
5-Aug-18Washington 76, Dallas 74College Park Center
5-Aug-18Los Angeles 78, Phoenix 75Staples Center
5-Aug-18Atlanta 86, Minnesota 66Target Center
6-Aug-18Seattle 96, New York 80Madison Square Garden
7-Aug-18Seattle 94, Indiana 79Bankers Life Fieldhouse
7-Aug-18Atlanta 109, Las Vegas 100McCamish Pavilion
7-Aug-18Minnesota 85, Chicago 64Wintrust Arena
7-Aug-18Washington 103, Phoenix 98Talking Stick Resort Arena
8-Aug-18Los Angeles 82, New York 81Westchester County Center
8-Aug-18Connecticut 101, Dallas 92College Park Center
9-Aug-18Washington 100, Seattle 77Capital One Arena
9-Aug-18Atlanta 79, Los Angeles 73McCamish Pavilion
9-Aug-18Minnesota 89, Las Vegas 73Mandalay Bay Events Center
10-Aug-18Chicago 97, Connecticut 86Wintrust Arena
10-Aug-18Phoenix 94, Indiana 74Talking Stick Resort Arena
11-Aug-18Atlanta 92, Dallas 82McCamish Pavilion
11-Aug-18Las Vegas 92, Indiana 74Mandalay Bay Events Center
12-Aug-18Atlanta 86, New York 77Westchester County Center
12-Aug-18Washington 93, Dallas 80Capital One Arena
12-Aug-18Connecticut 82, Chicago 75Mohegan Sun Arena
12-Aug-18Phoenix 86, Los Angeles 78Talking Stick Resort Arena
12-Aug-18Seattle 81, Minnesota 72Target Center
14-Aug-18Connecticut 96, Dallas 76Mohegan Sun Arena
14-Aug-18Chicago 91, Minnesota 88Target Center
14-Aug-18Los Angeles 74, New York 66Staples Center
15-Aug-18Washington 76, Indiana 62Bankers Life Fieldhouse
15-Aug-18Las Vegas 85, New York 72Mandalay Bay Events Center
17-Aug-18Washington 69, Los Angeles 67Capital One Arena
17-Aug-18Connecticut 96, Minnesota 79Mohegan Sun Arena
17-Aug-18Dallas 107, Las Vegas 102College Park Center
17-Aug-18Seattle 85, New York 77KeyArena
17-Aug-18Phoenix 104, Atlanta 95Talking Stick Resort Arena
18-Aug-18Chicago 115, Indiana 106 2OTBankers Life Fieldhouse
19-Aug-18Connecticut 89, Los Angeles 86Mohegan Sun Arena
19-Aug-18Atlanta 93, Las Vegas 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
19-Aug-18Phoenix 96, New York 85Talking Stick Resort Arena
19-Aug-18Indiana 97, Chicago 92Wintrust Arena
19-Aug-18Seattle 84, Dallas 68KeyArena
19-Aug-18Minnesota 88, Washington 83Target Center

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