Friday, July 20th, 2018


Notes: All times listed are Eastern (Time Zone Converter).

TV/Streaming Schedule

Notes: Most games not on national TV will be live streamed via League Pass. For local Storm broadcasts: JOEtv (ch. 22, cable 110). [Previous games]

DateTime (ET)GameLocationTV/Streaming
20-Jul-187:00 PMStorm @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaNBA TV, NBCSB
20-Jul-189:00 PMWings @ SkyWintrust ArenaNBA TV, The U Too
20-Jul-1810:30 PMFever @ SparksStaples CenterSpecSN, League Pass
21-Jul-183:00 PMMystics @ LibertyWestchester County CenterNBA TV, MSG, Monumental
21-Jul-1810:00 PMLynx @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaLeague Pass
22-Jul-183:00 PMStorm @ DreamMcCamish PavilionNBA TV
22-Jul-184:00 PMSun @ WingsCollege Park CenterFSSW PLUS
22-Jul-186:00 PMFever @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterLeague Pass
22-Jul-186:00 PMSparks @ SkyWintrust ArenaNBA TV, SpecSN
24-Jul-187:00 PMStorm @ FeverBankers Life FieldhouseLeague Pass
24-Jul-187:00 PMMystics @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaESPN3, Monumental
24-Jul-188:00 PMLiberty @ LynxTarget CenterESPN2
24-Jul-1810:30 PMDream @ SparksStaples CenterTwitter, SpecSN
25-Jul-183:30 PMSky @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaLeague Pass
28-Jul-183:30 PMAll-Star GameTarget CenterABC
31-Jul-187:00 PMMystics @ DreamMcCamish PavilionTwitter
31-Jul-188:00 PMSky @ WingsCollege Park CenterNBA TV
31-Jul-1810:00 PMStorm @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaTwitter
1-Aug-187:00 PMLiberty @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaNBA TV, MSG+
1-Aug-1810:00 PMMercury @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterNBA TV
2-Aug-187:00 PMWings @ FeverBankers Life FieldhouseNBA TV, FSSW PLUS
via Fox Sports Indiana
2-Aug-1810:00 PMLynx @ SparksStaples CenterESPN2
3-Aug-187:00 PMAces @ MysticsCapital One ArenaNBA TV, NBCSWA
3-Aug-187:00 PMSky @ DreamMcCamish PavilionLeague Pass
3-Aug-1810:00 PMLynx @ StormKeyArenaNBA TV, JOEtv
4-Aug-183:00 PMFever @ LibertyWestchester County CenterNBA TV
5-Aug-183:00 PMAces @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaLeague Pass
5-Aug-184:00 PMMystics @ WingsCollege Park CenterNBA TV, Monumental
5-Aug-187:00 PMMercury @ SparksStaples CenterNBA TV, SpecSN
5-Aug-187:00 PMDream @ LynxTarget CenterLeague Pass
6-Aug-1811:00 AMStorm @ LibertyMadison Square GardenNBA TV
7-Aug-187:00 PMStorm @ FeverBankers Life FieldhouseNBA TV
7-Aug-187:00 PMAces @ DreamMcCamish PavilionLeague Pass
7-Aug-188:30 PMLynx @ SkyWintrust ArenaTwitter
7-Aug-1810:00 PMMystics @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaNBA TV, Monumental
8-Aug-187:00 PMSparks @ LibertyWestchester County CenterNBA TV
8-Aug-188:00 PMSun @ WingsCollege Park CenterFSSW
9-Aug-1811:30 AMStorm @ MysticsCapital One ArenaNBA TV, Monumental
9-Aug-187:00 PMSparks @ DreamMcCamish PavilionNBA TV
9-Aug-1810:00 PMLynx @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterNBA TV
10-Aug-189:00 PMSun @ SkyWintrust ArenaLeague Pass
10-Aug-1810:00 PMFever @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaNBA TV, FSAZ+, Fox Sports Indiana
11-Aug-182:00 PMWings @ DreamMcCamish PavilionNBA TV, FSSW PLUS
via Fox Sports South
11-Aug-1810:30 PMFever @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterLeague Pass
12-Aug-182:30 PMDream @ LibertyWestchester County CenterMSG
12-Aug-183:00 PMWings @ MysticsCapital One ArenaNBA TV, NBCSWA
12-Aug-183:00 PMSky @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaLeague Pass
12-Aug-187:00 PMSparks @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaESPN2
12-Aug-187:00 PMStorm @ LynxTarget CenterESPN3
14-Aug-187:00 PMWings @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaTwitter
14-Aug-188:00 PMSky @ LynxTarget CenterNBA TV
14-Aug-1810:30 PMLiberty @ SparksStaples CenterNBA TV, NBCSWA
15-Aug-187:00 PMMystics @ FeverBankers Life FieldhouseNBA TV, Monumental
15-Aug-1810:00 PMLiberty @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterNBA TV, MSG+
17-Aug-187:00 PMSparks @ MysticsCapital One ArenaNBA TV, Monumental, SpecSN
17-Aug-187:00 PMLynx @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaLeague Pass
17-Aug-188:00 PMAces @ WingsCollege Park CenterFSSW PLUS
17-Aug-1810:00 PMLiberty @ StormKeyArenaNBA TV, JoeTV, MSG+
17-Aug-1810:00 PMDream @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaLeague Pass
18-Aug-184:00 PMSky @ FeverBankers Life FieldhouseNBA TV, Fox Sports Indiana
19-Aug-183:00 PMSparks @ SunMohegan Sun ArenaTwitter, SpecSN
19-Aug-186:00 PMDream @ AcesMandalay Bay Events CenterESPN3
19-Aug-186:00 PMLiberty @ MercuryTalking Stick Resort ArenaESPN3, MSG+
19-Aug-186:00 PMFever @ SkyWintrust ArenaESPN3
19-Aug-187:00 PMWings @ StormKeyArenaESPN3, JOEtv
19-Aug-187:00 PMMystics @ LynxTarget CenterESPN2
Previous Games
18-May-18Phoenix 86, Dallas 78Talking Stick Resort Arena
19-May-18Chicago 82, Indiana 64Bankers Life Fieldhouse
20-May-18Washington 82, Indiana 75Capital One Arena
20-May-18Connecticut 101, Las Vegas 65Mohegan Sun Arena
20-May-18Dallas 101, Atlanta 78College Park Center
20-May-18Los Angeles 77, Minnesota 76Target Center
20-May-18Chicago 80, New York 76Wintrust Arena
20-May-18Phoenix 87, Seattle 82KeyArena
22-May-18Los Angeles 87, Indiana 70Bankers Life Fieldhouse
22-May-18Washington 75, Las Vegas 70Capital One Arena
23-May-18Atlanta 81, Chicago 63Wintrust Arena
23-May-18Minnesota 76, Dallas 68Target Center
23-May-18Seattle 87, Phoenix 71Talking Stick Resort Arena
24-May-18Washington 93, Indiana 84Bankers Life Fieldhouse
24-May-18Connecticut 102, Los Angeles 94Mohegan Sun Arena
25-May-18Minnesota 78, New York 72Westchester County Center
25-May-18Seattle 95, Chicago 91 OTKeyArena
26-May-18Dallas 78, Atlanta 70McCamish Pavilion
26-May-18Connecticut 86, Indiana 77Mohegan Sun Arena
27-May-18Washington 90, Minnesota 78Capital One Arena
27-May-18Los Angeles 80, Phoenix 72Staples Center
27-May-18Seattle 105, Las Vegas 98Mandalay Bay Events Center
29-May-18Atlanta 76, Minnesota 74McCamish Pavilion
29-May-18New York 94, Dallas 89Westchester County Center
29-May-18Seattle 81, Washington 77KeyArena
30-May-18Washington 103, Phoenix 95Talking Stick Resort Arena
31-May-18Seattle 101, Las Vegas 74KeyArena
1-Jun-18Phoenix 95, Minnesota 85Target Center
1-Jun-18Connecticut 110, Chicago 72Wintrust Arena
1-Jun-18Las Vegas 85, Washington 73Mandalay Bay Events Center
2-Jun-18New York 87, Indiana 81Bankers Life Fieldhouse
2-Jun-18Dallas 94, Seattle 90College Park Center
3-Jun-18Connecticut 88, Washington 64Capital One Arena
3-Jun-18Phoenix 78, Atlanta 71McCamish Pavilion
3-Jun-18Los Angeles 77, Minnesota 69Staples Center
3-Jun-18Chicago 95, Las Vegas 90Wintrust Arena
5-Jun-18Phoenix 80, New York 74Madison Square Garden
5-Jun-18Atlanta 82, Connecticut 77McCamish Pavilion
7-Jun-18Minnesota 88, Washington 80Capital One Arena
7-Jun-18Connecticut 88, New York 86Westchester County Center
7-Jun-18Seattle 88, Los Angeles 63Staples Center
8-Jun-18Atlanta 87, Las Vegas 83Mandalay Bay Events Center
8-Jun-18Dallas 89, Indiana 83Bankers Life Fieldhouse
8-Jun-18Phoenix 96, Chicago 79Talking Stick Resort Arena
9-Jun-18Connecticut 89, Minnesota 75Mohegan Sun Arena
10-Jun-18New York 78, Indiana 75Westchester County Center
10-Jun-18Los Angeles 77, Chicago 59Staples Center
10-Jun-18Phoenix 72, Las Vegas 66Talking Stick Resort Arena
10-Jun-18Atlanta 67, Seattle 64KeyArena
12-Jun-18Las Vegas 101, Indiana 92 OTBankers Life Fieldhouse
12-Jun-18Phoenix 75, Dallas 72College Park Center
12-Jun-18Seattle 96, Chicago 85KeyArena
12-Jun-18Los Angeles 72, Atlanta 64Staples Center
13-Jun-18Washington 95, Connecticut 91Mohegan Sun Arena
13-Jun-18Las Vegas 78, New York 63Westchester County Center
14-Jun-18Atlanta 72, Indiana 67McCamish Pavilion
15-Jun-18Los Angeles 97, Washington 86Capital One Arena
15-Jun-18Dallas 77, Las Vegas 67College Park Center
15-Jun-18Seattle 103, Connecticut 92KeyArena
16-Jun-18Indiana 96, Atlanta 64Bankers Life Fieldhouse
16-Jun-18Minnesota 85, New York 71Target Center
16-Jun-18Phoenix 89, Connecticut 72Talking Stick Resort Arena
17-Jun-18Los Angeles 81, Chicago 72Wintrust Arena
17-Jun-18Phoenix 92, Las Vegas 80Mandalay Bay Events Center
19-Jun-18Washington 88, Chicago 60Capital One Arena
19-Jun-18New York 79, Atlanta 72Westchester County Center
19-Jun-18Minnesota 91, Dallas 83Target Center
19-Jun-18Las Vegas 89, Seattle 77KeyArena
19-Jun-18Los Angeles 74, Indiana 55Staples Center
22-Jun-18Atlanta 75, Connecticut 70McCamish Pavilion
22-Jun-18Dallas 101, Los Angeles 72College Park Center
22-Jun-18Washington 93, Chicago 77Wintrust Arena
22-Jun-18Seattle 72, Indiana 63KeyArena
22-Jun-18Las Vegas 88, New York 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
22-Jun-18Minnesota 83, Phoenix 72Talking Stick Resort Arena
24-Jun-18Seattle 97, Dallas 76College Park Center
24-Jun-18Los Angeles 80, New York 54Staples Center
24-Jun-18Connecticut 87, Indiana 78Bankers Life Fieldhouse
24-Jun-18Minnesota 88, Las Vegas 73Mandalay Bay Events Center
24-Jun-18Chicago 97, Phoenix 88Wintrust Arena
26-Jun-18Washington 92, Connecticut 80Capital One Arena
26-Jun-18Phoenix 83, New York 69Westchester County Center
26-Jun-18Minnesota 91, Seattle 79Target Center
26-Jun-18Los Angeles 87, Dallas 83Staples Center
27-Jun-18Chicago 93, Atlanta 80Wintrust Arena
27-Jun-18Connecticut 101, Indiana 89Mohegan Sun Arena
27-Jun-18Dallas 97, Las Vegas 91Mandalay Bay Events Center
28-Jun-18Washinton 80, New York 77Capital One Arena
28-Jun-18Seattle 81, Los Angeles 72KeyArena
29-Jun-18Phoenix 95, Indiana 77Bankers Life Fieldhouse
29-Jun-18Chicago 103, New York 99Westchester County Center
29-Jun-18Minnesota 85, Atlanta 74Target Center
29-Jun-18Las Vegas 94, Los Angeles 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
30-Jun-18Phoenix 84, Washington 74Capital One Arena
1-Jul-18Minnesota 76, Dallas 72College Park Center
1-Jul-18Los Angeles 87, Las Vegas 71Bankers Life Fieldhouse
1-Jul-18Atlanta 87, Indiana 83Staples Center
1-Jul-18New York 97, Chicago 94 OTWintrust Arena
1-Jul-18Seattle 84, Connecticut 70KeyArena
3-Jul-18Seattle 77, New York 62Westchester County Center
3-Jul-18Dallas 108, Chicago 85College Park Center
3-Jul-18Indiana 71, Minnesota 59Target Center
3-Jul-18Connecticut 73, Los AngelesStaples Center
5-Jul-18Washington 86, New York 67Capital One Arena
5-Jul-18Dallas 90, Indiana 63College Park Center
5-Jul-18Minnesota 83, Los Angeles 72Target Center
5-Jul-18Las Vegas 84, Chicago 80Mandalay Bay Events Center
5-Jul-18Phoenix 84, Connecticut 77Talking Stick Resort Arena
6-Jul-18Seattle 95, Atlanta 86McCamish Pavilion
7-Jul-18Washington 83, Los Angeles 74Staples Center
7-Jul-18Chicago 77, Minnesota 63Wintrust Arena
7-Jul-18Las Vegas 94, Connecticut 90Mandalay Bay Events Center
8-Jul-18Atlanta 76, Phoenix 70McCamish Pavilion
8-Jul-18Dallas 97, New York 87Westchester County Center
8-Jul-18Seattle 97, Washington 91KeyArena
10-Jul-18Los Angeles 77, Seattle 75 OTKeyArena
10-Jul-18Dallas 101, Phoenix 72College Park Center
10-Jul-18Las Vegas 98, Chicago 74Wintrust Arena
11-Jul-18Atlanta 106, Washington 89Capital One Arena
11-Jul-18New York 79, Connecticut 76Mohegan Sun Arena
11-Jul-18Minnesota 87, Indiana 65Bankers Life Fieldhouse
12-Jul-18Dallas 92, Los Angeles 77Staples Center
13-Jul-18Washington 88, Chicago 72Capital One Arena
13-Jul-18Atlanta 98, Indiana 74McCamish Pavilion
13-Jul-18Connecticut 91, Phoenix 87Mohegan Sun Arena
13-Jul-18Las Vegas 85, Minnesota 77Target Center
14-Jul-18Seattle 91, Dallas 84KeyArena
15-Jul-18Atlanta 80, Washington 77McCamish Pavilion
15-Jul-18New York 107, Chicago 84Westchester County Center
15-Jul-18Phoenix 101, Indiana 82Bankers Life Fieldhouse
15-Jul-18Los Angeles 99, Las Vegas 78Mandalay Bay Events Center
15-Jul-18Connecticut 83, Minnesota 64Target Center
17-Jul-18Dallas 104, New York 87College Park Center
17-Jul-18Atlanta 86, Connecticut 83Mohegan Sun Arena
18-Jul-18Seattle 101, Chicago 83Wintrust Arena
18-Jul-18Minnesota 89, Indiana 65Target Center
19-Jul-18Atlanta 82, New York 68McCamish Pavilion
19-Jul-18Dallas 90, Washington 81College Park Center
19-Jul-18Las Vegas 85, Phoenix 82Talking Stick Resort Arena
Announcers (remaining announcers will be added as teams releases local schedules and 2018 TV talent)
  • Dallas: Ron Thulin (pxp), TCU head coach Raegan Pebley (color)
  • Phoenix: Tom Leander (pxp),  Ann Meyers Drysdale (color)
  • Seattle: Dick Fain (pxp), Elise Woodward (color)

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