Friday, December 6th, 2019


Updated Daily, full conference schedules coming soon
 All Times Eastern,
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11:00 AMGeorgetown vs. ColumbiaESPN+
12:00 PMFlorida A&M vs. Mississippi Valley StateLive Stream
2:00 PMSacramento State vs. Seattle ULive Stream
2:30 PMAlabama State vs. South FloridaLive Stream
5:00 PMFIU vs. NC CentralLive Stream
7:00 PMColorado vs. XavierLive Stream
Cleveland State vs. Western CarolinaESPN+
St. John's vs. YaleESPN+
Loyola (MD) vs. Mt. St. Mary'sLive Stream
8:00 PMWright State vs. SMULive Stream
Long Beach State vs. Santa ClaraLive Stream
Grand Canyon vs. Portland StateLive Stream
BYU vs. Arizona StateLive Stream
8:30 PMUC Irvine vs. Southern UtahLive Stream, PlutoTV - Ch. 536
10:00 PMHawai'I vs. Oregon StateLive Stream
Sun-Dec-082:00 PMWest Virginia vs. Mississippi StateSEC Network
Texas vs. TennesseeESPN2
4:00 PMNotre Dame vs. UConnESPN
Wed-Dec-116:30 PMDePaul vs. Notre DameACCN
7:00 PMTulsa vs. ArkansasSEC Network
Sun-Dec-1512:00 PMElon vs. NC StateACCN
1:00 PMLouisville vs. KentuckyESPN
2:00 PMSt. John?s vs. Florida StateACCN
Houston vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
3:00 PMSaint Mary?s vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Tue-Dec-176:30 PMMiami (Ohio) vs. PittsburghACCN
7:00 PMMercer vs. FloridaSEC Network
8:00 PMSouthern vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Wed-Dec 1812:00 PMArkansas State vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMOhio vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Thu-Dec-1911:00 AMUCLA vs. GeorgiaSEC Network
6:30 PMChattanooga vs. NC StateACCN
7:00 PMDuke vs. South CarolinaSEC Network
Fri-Dec-201:00 PMIllinois vs. MissouriSEC Network
8:00 PMOral Roberts vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Dec-221:00 PMStanford vs. TexasESPN2
1:30 PMMichigan vs. Florida StateACCN
Sat-Dec-283:00 PMUTRGV vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Dec-2912:00 PMNC State vs. Boston CollegeACCN
2:00 PMWake Forest vs. MiamiACCN
Northwestern State vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Syracuse vs. LouisvilleESPN2
Mon-Dec-302:00 PMDuquesne vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMWofford vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Morehead State vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Jan-026:00 PMWake Forest vs. DukeACCN
7:08 PMMissouri vs. TennesseeSEC Network
7:15 PMGeorgia vs. Ole MissSEC Network
7:40 PMKentucky vs. South CarolinaSEC Network
8:00 PMFlorida State vs. SyracuseACCN
8:10 PMFlorida vs. Mississippi StateSEC Network
8:30 PMAuburn vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
8:40 PMAlabama vs. LSUSEC Network
9:05 PMTexas A&M vs. ArkansasSEC Network
Fri-Jan-037:00 PMTCU vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Sat-Jan-043:00 PMKansas vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Jan-0512:00 PMMichigan State vs. MichiganESPN2
Vanderbilt vs. FloridaESPNU
Georgia Tech vs. Wake ForestACCN
2:00 PMArkansas vs. AuburnSEC Network
Duke vs. LouisvilleACCN
Cincinnati vs. South FloridaESPN2
LSU vs. MissouriESPNU
4:00 PMTennessee vs KentuckyESPN2 or SEC Network
Notre Dame vs. SyracuseACCN
Mississippi State vs. GeorgiaESPN2 or SEC Network
Memphis vs. HoustonESPNU
6:00 PMSouth Carolina vs. AlabamaSEC Network
Mon-Jan-067:00 PMOhio State vs. MarylandESPN2
Ole Miss vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
Wed-Jan-088:00 PMWest Virginia vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Jan-0911:00 AMQuinnipiac vs. RiderESPNU
5:00 PMAustin Peay vs. Tennessee TechESPNU
6:00 PMDuke vs. VirginiaACCN
7:00 PMBaylor vs. UConnESPN or ESPN2
Mississippi State vs. MissouriSEC Network
8:00 PMLouisville vs. MiamiACCN
9:00 PMLSU vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
Sun-Jan-1212:00 PMMaryland vs. MichiganESPN2
Kentucky vs. FloridaESPNU
Syracuse vs. MiamiACCN
1:00 PMGeorgia vs. TennesseeSEC Network
2:00 PMVirginia vs. Boston CollegeACCN
UCF vs. CincinnatiESPN2
Oklahoma State vs. BaylorESPNU
3:00 PMMissouri vs. ArkansasSEC Network
4:00 PMNC State vs. Notre DameACCN
5:00 PMSouth Carolina vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
Wed-Jan-157:30 PMOklahoma State vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMTexas Tech vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Baylor vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Jan-166:00 PMFlorida State vs. NC StateACCN
6:30 PMTexas A&M vs. KentuckySEC Network
8:00 PMNotre Dame vs. DukeACCN
8:30 PMSouth Carolina vs. MissouriSEC Network
9:00 PMStanford vs. OregonESPN or ESPN2
Sat-Jan-186:00 PMTexas Tech vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Jan-1912:00 PMDuke vs. ClemsonESPNU
1:00 PMMiami vs. Notre DameESPN2 or ACCN
Louisville vs. UNCESPN2 or ACCN
2:00 PMKentucky vs. LSUSEC Network
Auburn vs. GeorgiaESPNU
3:00 PMVirginia Tech vs. VirginiaACCN
UCF vs. South FloridaESPN2
Texas vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Iowa State vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
4:00 PMFlorida vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
6:00 PMArkansas vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
Mon-Jan-207:00 PMAlabama vs. TennesseeSEC Network
Mississippi State vs. South CarolinaESPN2
Wed-Jan-228:00 PMKansas vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Thu-Jan-236:00 PMClemson vs. MiamiACCN
7:00 PMTennessee vs. UConnESPN
Georgia vs. ArkansasSEC Network
8:00 PMDuke vs. SyracuseACCN
9:00 PMMississippi State vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
Sat-Jan-253:00 PMTexas Tech vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Oklahoma vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Jan-2612:00 PMFordham vs. DaytonESPNU
1:00 PMLSU vs. TennesseeSEC Network
2:00 PMMiami vs. Florida StateACCN
Temple vs. CincinnatiESPNU
3:00 PMSouth Carolina vs. GeorgiaSEC Network
4:00 PMPittsburgh vs. LouisvilleACCN
Oregon vs. Oregon StateESPN2
5:00 PMOle Miss vs. Mississippi StateSEC Network
6:00 PMNorth Carolina vs. NC StateACCN
Fri-Jan-247:00 PMAuburn vs. KentuckySEC Network
Wed-Jan-298:00 PMTCU vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Jan-306:00 PMGeorgia Tech vs. MiamiACCN
7:00 PMLouisville vs. Notre DameESPN
Kentucky vs. MissouriSEC Network
8:00 PMVirginia Tech vs. SyracuseACCN
9:00 PMTennessee vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
Sun-Feb-0212:00 PMSouth Florida vs. CincinnatiESPNU
1:00 PMFlorida vs. KentuckySEC Network
Tennessee vs. South CarolinaESPN2
2:00 PMNotre Dame vs. Georgia TechACCN
Iowa State vs. West VirginiaESPNU
3:00 PMTexas A&M vs. LSUSEC Network
Rutgers vs. MinnesotaESPN2
5:00 PMArkansas vs. MissouriSEC Network
Mon-Feb-037:00 PMOregon vs. UconnESPN2
Georgia vs. Mississippi StateSEC Network
Wed-Feb-057:30 PMTexas Tech vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMKansas vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Feb-066:00 PMNorth Carolina vs. DukeACCN
6:30 PMMississippi State vs. TennesseeSEC Network
8:00 PMFlorida State vs. LouisvilleACCN
8:30 PMSouth Carolina vs. ArkansasSEC Network
Sat-Feb-083:00 PMBaylor vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
West Virginia vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
6:00 PMTCU vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Feb-0912:00 PMTemple vs. USFESPNU
Virginia vs. Florida StateACCN
1:00 PMGeorgia vs. FloridaSEC Network
Texas A&M vs. Mississippi StateESPN
2:00 PMDuke vs. MiamiESPN2 or ACCN
Louisville vs. SyracuseESPN2 or ACCN
Texas vs. Texas TechESPNU
3:00 PMAuburn vs. AlabamaSEC Network
4:00 PMPittsburgh vs. Notre DameACCN
Kentucky vs. ArkansasESPN2
5:00 PMOle Miss vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
Mon-Feb-107:00 PMUConn vs. South CarolinaESPN2
Missouri vs. LSUSEC Network
Wed-Feb-128:00 PMTCU vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Iowa State vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Thu-Feb-136:00 PMDuke vs. PittsburghACCN
7:00 PMAuburn vs. South CarolinaSEC Network
8:00 PMLouisville vs. NC StateACCN
9:00 PMVanderbilt vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
Sat-Feb-157:00 PMTexas vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMBaylor vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Feb-1612:00 PMVCU vs. DaytonESPNU
1:00 PMAlabama vs. GeorgiaSEC Network
Florida State vs. DukeESPN2 or ACCN
Miami vs. ClemsonESPN2 or ACCN
3:00 PMArkansas vs. Ole MissSEC Network
Notre Dame vs. LouisvilleACCN
Texas A&M vs. TennesseeESPN2
5:00 PMLSU vs. AuburnSEC Network
Mississippi State vs. KentuckyESPN2
Mon-Feb-177:00 PMVanderbilt vs. South CarolinaSEC Network
9:00 PMOregon State vs. UCLAESPN2
Wed-Feb-197:30 PMTCU vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Feb-206:00 PMClemson vs. SyracuseACCN
7:00 PMTennessee vs. ArkansasSEC Network
8:00 PMNC State vs. MiamiACCN
9:00 PMMississippi State vs. AuburnSEC Network
Sat-Feb-221:00 PMKansas State vs. TexasLonghorn Network
5:00 PMOklahoma vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Feb-2312:00 PMVanderbilt vs. TennesseeESPN2
Syracuse vs. Notre DameACCN
2:00 PMSouth Carolina vs. KentuckyESPN2 or SEC Network
Virginia vs. Virginia TechACCN
Alabama vs. Mississippi StESPN2 or SEC Network
4:00 PMArkansas vs. FloridaSEC Network
Florida State vs. Georgia TechACCN
Auburn vs. Texas A&MESPN2
Tulane vs. CincinnatiESPNU
6:00 PMOle Miss vs. MissouriSEC Network
Mon-Feb-247:00 PMDuke vs. NC StateESPN2
9:00 PMOregon vs. StanfordESPN2
Wed-Feb-267:30 PMIowa State vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMTexas Tech vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Thu-Feb-276:00 PMBoston College vs. LouisvilleACCN
7:00 PMAlabama vs. Texas A&MSEC Network
8:00 PMSyracuse vs. NC StateACCN
9:00 PMArkansas vs. Mississippi StateSEC Network
Sat-Feb-296:00 PMOklahoma State vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
7:00 PMKansas State vs. BaylorBig 12 Now on ESPN+
8:00 PMOklahoma vs. TexasLonghorn Network
Sun-Mar-0112:00 PMTexas A&M vs. South CarolinaESPN2
Virginia Tech vs. LouisvilleACCN
1:10 PMFlorida vs. GeorgiaSEC Network
1:40 PMMissouri vs. AlabamaSEC Network
2:00 PMNotre Dame vs. Florida StateESPN2 or ACCN
Duke vs. UNCESPN2 or ACCN
2:05 PMKentucky vs. VanderbiltSEC Network
2:10 PMLSU vs. ArkansasSEC Network
2:40 PMMississippi State vs. Ole MissSEC Network
3:05 PMTennessee vs. AuburnSEC Network
4:00 PMMaryland vs. MinnesotaESPN2
Mon-Mar-027:00 PMUSF vs. UConnESPN2
Tue-Mar-038:00 PMKansas State vs. Oklahoma StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Iowa State vs. KansasBig 12 Now on ESPN+
Sun-Mar-0812:30 PMOklahoma State vs. TexasLonghorn Network
3:00 PMKansas vs. Kansas StateBig 12 Now on ESPN+


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