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2020 WNBA Schedule
All Times Eastern, (Time Zone Converter).

Games will also be streamed on the WNBA’s League Pass. ESPN telecasts during the regular season and postseason will stream live on the ESPN app. Indiana Fever streams will also be available on the team’s Facebook page and on the Fever app.  Some broadcasts on local stations as well as NBA TV telecasts have not been announced yet. All games take place at Feld Entertainment in Palmetto, Florida.


Key Dates

  • July 25: Regular Season Begins
  • Aug 16: Mid-season Cut Down Date
  • Aug 18: Mid-season
  • August 28: Trade Deadline, 8:00 pm ET
  • September 6: Player Playoff eligibility from Waivers, after midnight
  • September 12: Regular Season Ends
  • September TBD: Playoffs Begin
  • October TBD: Last Possible Finals Date

  • MSN: Monumental Sports Network
  • NBCSW: NBC Sports Washington
  • FSAZ/FSAZ+: Fox Sports Arizona
  • FSI: Fox Sports Indiana
  • FS SE: Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports South
  • FSSW: FOX Sports Southwest and FSSW Plus
  • CBSSN: CBS Sports Network
  • FSN/FSN+: FOX Sports North, FOX Sports North PLUS
  • JOEtv: Seattle, watch KZJO ch. 22, Cable 110
  • NESN: New England Sports Network
  • Spectrum SportsNet: Los Angeles local broadcaster
  • WCIU: Watch games on WCIU’s channel 26.2, WMEU channel 48.1, Dish 48, RCN 610, WOW 170, XFINITY 230, 360
  • YES Network: New York Liberty broadcaster

All Fox Networks and YES Network games will also be streamed on the FOX Sports GO app. All games will be archived on the WNBA’s League Pass. If you are in a blackout area, some national TV games may be unavailable on League Pass.

Gameday Information (probable starters, injuries, etc.) || Previous Games

DayDateTime (ET)MatchupTV/Streaming
Tue.8/4/20206:00 PMWings vs. SkyWCIU 26.2/FSSW+
Tue.8/4/20207:00 PMMercury vs. DreamESPN2
Tue.8/4/20209:00 PMSun vs. StormESPN2
Wed.8/5/20207:00 PMLynx vs. LibertyFSN+/CBSSN/YES
Wed.8/5/20208:00 PMAces vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW/MyLVTV/NBA TV
Wed.8/5/202010:00 PMFever vs. SparksSpectrum SportsNet/
Thu.8/6/20206:00 PMStorm vs. DreamESPN2
Thu.8/6/20208:00 PMSun vs. WingsFSSW+/NESN/NBA TV
Thu.8/6/202010:00 PMSky vs. MercuryESPN2
Fri.8/7/20206:00 PMFever vs. LynxFSN+/
Fri.8/7/20207:00 PMLiberty vs. MysticsESPN2
Fri.8/7/20209:00 PMSparks vs. AcesESPN2
Sat.8/8/202012:00 PMDream vs. WingsESPN2
Sat.8/8/20203:00 PMMercury vs. StormABC
Sat.8/8/20205:00 PMSky vs. SunWCIU 26.2/NESNplus/NBA TV
Sun.8/9/20203:00 PMAces vs. LibertyESPN
Sun.8/9/20205:00 PMMystics vs. FeverFSI/MSN/NBCSW/
Sun.8/9/20207:00 PMLynx vs. SparksESPN2
Mon.8/10/20206:00 PMSun vs. DreamFox Sports South/League Pass
Mon.8/10/20207:00 PMMercury vs. WingsESPN2
Mon.8/10/20209:00 PMSky vs. StormESPN2
Tue.8/11/20206:00 PMMystics vs. LynxMSN/NBCSW/FSN+
Tue.8/11/20207:00 PMAces vs. FeverESPN2
Tue.8/11/20209:00 PMLiberty vs. SparksESPN2
Wed.8/12/20207:00 PMWings vs. SunCBSSN
Wed.8/12/20209:00 PMMercury vs. SkyWCIU 26.2/FSAZ/FSAZ+
Wed.8/12/202010:00 PMDream vs. StormJOEtv/Fox Sports South
Thu.8/13/20206:00 PMFever vs. LibertyFSI/
Thu.8/13/20207:00 PMSparks vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW
Thu.8/13/20209:00 PMLynx vs. AcesESPN2
Fri.8/14/20207:00 PMSun vs. SkyWCIU 26.2
Fri.8/14/20208:00 PMStorm vs. WingsFSSW+/JOEtv/NBA TV
Fri.8/14/202010:00 PMDream vs. MercuryFSAZ+
Sat.8/15/202012:00 PMMystics vs. AcesESPN
Sat.8/15/20202:00 PMSparks vs. FeverESPN
Sat.8/15/20206:00 PMLiberty vs. LynxCBSSN/FSN+/JOEtv
Sun.8/16/20201:00 PMWings vs. MercuryABC
Sun.8/16/20203:00 PMStorm vs. SunABC
Sun.8/16/20204:00 PMSky vs. DreamThe U Too
Tue.8/18/20206:00 PMAces vs. SkyThe U Too/MYLVTV
Tue.8/18/20207:00 PMFever vs. SunCBSSN/
Tue.8/18/20209:00 PMLiberty vs. StormESPN2
Wed.8/19/20207:00 PMDream vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW/CBSSN
Wed.8/19/20209:00 PMWings vs. LynxFSN+/FSSW+
Wed.8/19/202010:00 PMMercury vs. SparksSpectrum SportsNet
Thu.8/20/20206:00 PMSky vs. Liberty/CBSSNWCIU 26.2
Thu.8/20/20205:00 PMStorm vs. FeverFSI/JOEtv/
Thu.8/20/202010:00 PMSun vs. AcesCBSSN
Fri.8/21/20207:00 PMSparks vs. DreamSpectrum SportsNet
Fri.8/21/20208:00 PMMystics vs. WingsMSN/NBCSW/FSSW+
Fri.8/21/202010:00 PMLynx vs. MercuryFSN+/CBSSN
Sat.8/22/20203:00 PMStorm vs. AcesABC
Sat.8/22/20205:00 PMFever vs. SkyCBSSN/The U Too/
Sat.8/22/20207:00 PMLiberty vs. SunCBSSN
Sun.8/23/20204:00 PMDream vs. LynxFSN+
Sun.8/23/20206:00 PMWings vs. SparksFSSW+/Spectrum SportsNet
Sun.8/23/20208:00 PMMercury vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW/FSAZ/FSAZ+
Tue.8/25/20207:00 PMLiberty vs. SkyCBSSN/The U Too/YES
Tue.8/25/20209:00 PMAces vs. WingsCBSSN/MyLVTV
Tue.8/25/202010:00 PMFever vs. StormESPN2
Wed.8/26/20207:00 PMMystics vs. DreamESPN2
Wed.8/26/20208:00 PMSparks vs. LynxFSN+/CBSSN/Spectrum SportsNet
Wed.8/26/202010:00 PMSun vs. MercuryCBSSN
Thu.8/27/20207:00 PMSky vs. FeverESPN2
Thu.8/27/20208:00 PMWings vs. LibertyCBSSN
Thu.8/27/202010:00 PMAces vs. StormJOEtv/CBSSN
Fri.8/28/20207:00 PMLynx vs. DreamFSN+
Fri.8/28/20208:00 PMSparks vs. SunCBSSN/Spectrum SportsNet
Fri.8/28/202010:00 PMMystics vs. MercuryMSN/NBCSW/CBSSN
Sat.8/29/202012:00 PMWings vs. FeverCBSSN/
Sat.8/29/20202:00 PMStorm vs. SkyABC
Sat.8/29/20204:00 PMLiberty vs. AcesCBS
Sun.8/30/20204:00 PMSun vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW
Sun.8/30/20206:00 PMMercury vs. LynxFSN/FSAZ+
Sun.8/30/20208:00 PMDream vs. SparksSpectrum SportsNet/Fox Sports Southeast
Tue.9/1/20207:00 PMSun vs. LibertyYES/CBSSN
Tue.9/1/20208:00 PMFever vs.
Tue.9/1/202010:00 PMMercury vs. AcesFSAZ+/MyLVTV
Wed.9/2/20207:00 PMLynx vs. SkyFSN+/WCIU 26.2
Wed.9/2/20208:00 PMSparks vs. WingsCBSSN/Spectrum SportsNet
Wed.9/2/202010:00 PMMystics vs. StormMSN/NBCSW/JOEtv/CBSSN
Thu.9/3/20207:00 PMDream vs. LibertyLeague Pass
Thu.9/3/20208:00 PMAces vs. SunMyLVTV/League Pass
Thu.9/3/202010:00 PMFever vs.
Fri.9/4/20207:00 PMSky vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW/WCIU 26.2
Fri.9/4/20208:00 PMLynx vs. WingsFSN+/FSSW+
Fri.9/4/202010:00 PMStorm vs. SparksSpectrum SportsNet/JOEtv
Sat.9/5/20204:00 PMSun vs. FeverFSI/
Sat.9/5/20206:00 PMAces vs. DreamMyLVTV/Fox Sports Southeast/League Pass
Sat.9/5/20208:00 PMLiberty vs. MercuryYES
Sun.9/6/20204:00 PMWings vs. MysticsMSN/NBCSW/FSSW+
Sun.9/6/20206:00 PMStorm vs. LynxFSN/JOEtv
Sun.9/6/20208:00 PMSky vs. SparksCBSSN/WCIU 26.2/Spectrum SportsNet
Tue.9/8/20207:00 PMSparks vs. LibertyCBSSN/Spectrum SportsNet/YES
Tue.9/8/20208:00 PMLynx vs. MysticsESPN2
Tue.9/8/202010:00 PMFever vs. AcesESPN2
Wed.9/9/20207:00 PMMercury vs. SunFSAZ+
Wed.9/9/20208:00 PMDream vs. SkyCBSSN/WCIU 26.2
Wed.9/9/202010:00 PMWings vs. StormJOEtv/CBSSN
Thu.9/10/20207:00 PMLiberty vs. FeverCBSSN/YES/
Thu.9/10/20208:00 PMAces vs. LynxESPN2
Thu.9/10/202010:00 PMMystics vs. SparksMSN/NBCSW/CBSSN/Spectrum SportsNet
Fri.9/11/20207:00 PMDream vs. SunLeague Pass
Fri.9/11/20208:00 PMSky vs. WingsCBSSN/The U Too
Fri.9/11/202010:00 PMStorm vs. MercuryCBSSN/JOEtv
Sat.9/12/20204:00 PMMystics vs. LibertyMSN/NBCSW/YES
Sat.9/12/20205:00 PMLynx vs. FeverFSN/
Sat.9/12/20205:00 PMAces vs. SparksSpectrum SportsNet
Sat.7/25/2020Seattle Storm 87, New York Liberty 71
Sat.7/25/2020Los Angeles Sparks 99, Phoenix Mercury 76
Sat.7/25/2020Washington Mystics 101, Indiana Fever 76
Sun.7/26/2020Minnesota Lynx 77, Connecticut Sun 69
Sun.7/26/2020Chicago Sky 88, Las Vegas Aces 86
Sun.7/26/2020Atlanta Dream 105, Dallas Wings 95
Tue.7/28/2020Washington Mystics 94, Connecticut Sun 89
Tue.7/28/2020Chicago Sky 96, Los Angeles Sparks 78
Tue.7/28/2020Seattle Storm 90, Minnesota Lynx 66
Wed.7/29/2020Indiana Fever 106, Phoenix Mercury 100
Wed.7/29/2020Dallas Wings 93, New York Liberty 80
Wed.7/29/2020Las Vegas Aces 100, Atlanta Dream 70
Thu.7/30/2020Washington Mystics 89, Seattle Storm 71
Thu.7/30/2020Minnesota Lynx 83, Chicago Sky 81
Thu.7/30/2020Los Angeles Sparks 81, Connecticut Sun 76
Fri.7/31/2020Atlanta Dream 84, New York LIberty 78
Fri.7/31/2020Dallas Wings 76, Indiana Fever 73
Fri.7/31/2020Phoenix Mercury 102, Las Vegas Aces 95
Sat.8/1/2020Minnesota Lynx 78, Connecticut Sun 69
Sat.8/1/2020Chicago Sun 88, Washington Mystics 86
Sat.8/1/2020Seattle Storm 81, Los Angeles Sparks 75
Sun.8/2/2020Phoenix Mercury 96, New York Liberty 67
Sun.8/2/2020Indiana Fever 93, Atlanta Dream 77
Sun.8/2/2020Las Vegas Aces 79, Dallas Wings 70

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