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NCAA DI Coaching Changes

Last updated: 12/14/21

NCAA DI Coaching Changes – September 2020 – present
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  • Arkansas State
  • Cal State Northridge (interim coach named 7/30/21)
  • Detroit (has an interim coach)
  • Florida
  • Mississippi State
  • Syracuse

Changes prior to September 2020

School Previous Coach New coach
Arkansas State Matt Daniel
Resigned 12/13/21
Army Dave Magarity
Announced planned retirement in 1/29/21
Missy Traversi
Hire announced 3/29/21
Auburn Terri Williams-Flournoy
Fired 3/4/21
Johnnie Harris
Hire announced 4/3/21
Austin Peay David Midlick
Contract not renewed 3/8/21
Brittany Young
Hire announced 3/17/21
Baylor Kim Mulkey
Resigned to take job at LSU
Nicki Collen
Hire announced 5/3/21
Bethune-Cookman Vanessa Blair-Lewis
Resigned to take job at George Mason 4/6/21
Janell Crayton
Hire announced 7/1/21
Boston University Marisa Moseley
Resigned to take job at Wisconsin 3/26/21
Melissa D’Amico
Hire announced 4/23/21
Cal State Northridge Jason Flowers
Resigned 4/20/20
Lindsey Foster
Interim head coach resigned 7/27/21
Carlene Mitchell
Named interim coach 7/30/21
Canisius Scott Hemer
Resigned 6/22/21
Sahar Nusseibeh
Hire announced 7/23/21
Charleston Southern Fred Applin
Fired 4/9/21
Clarisse Garcia
Hire announced 5/3/21
Colgate William Cleary
Resigned 4/8/21
Ganiyat Adeduntan
Hire announced 4/21/21
Dartmouth Belle Koclanes
Left to take a non-coach job 2/24/21
Adrienne Shibles
Hire announced 5/3/21
Delaware State Dave Caputo
Fired in early April 2021; No official announcement from school
Yconda “E.C.” Hill
Hire announced 6/4/21
Detroit Mercy AnnMarie Gilbert
Left the university on 6/15/21
LaTanya Collins named interim head coach
Drake Jennie Baranczyk
Left to take job at Oklahoma 4/10/21
Allison Pohlman
Promoted 4/18/21
Eastern Kentucky Samantha Williams
Resigned to take a job at another university 4/16/21
Greg Todd
Hire announced 5/10/21
Eastern Washington Wendy Schuller
Fired 4/1/21
Joddie Gleason
Hire announced 5/21/21
ETSU Brittney Ezell
Fired 3/8/21
Simon Harris
Hire announced 3/19/21
Evansville Matthew Ruffing
Fired 3/15/21
Robyn Scherr-Wells
Hire announced 4/20/21
Florida Cam Newbauer
Resigned 7/16/21
Kelly Rae Finley
Named interim head coach
Florida Atlantic Jim Jabir
Left for job at Siena for 4/7/21
Jennifer Sullivan
Hire announced 4/15/21
Fort Wayne Niecee Nelson
Contract not renewed 2/26/21
Maria Marchesano
Hire announced 3/30/21
George Mason Nyla Milleson
Resigned 3/11/21
Vanessa Blair-Lewis
Hire announced 4/6/21
George Washington Jennifer Rizzotti
Fired 3/15/21
Caroline McCombs
Hire announced 4/2/21
Indiana State Vicki Hall
Resigned 3/15/21
Chad Killinger
Hire announced 4/20/21
Kennesaw State Agnus Berenato
Announced retirement 3/29/21
Octavia Blue
Hire announced 4/29/21
Kentucky Matthew Mitchell
Announced retirement 11/12/20
Kyra Elzy
Succeeded Matthew Mitchell
Louisiana State (LSU) Nikki Fargas
Resigned 4/15/21
Kim Mulkey
Hire announced 4/25/21
Loyola Maryland Joe Logan
Fired 3/31/21
Danielle O’Banion
Hire announced 4/23/21
Loyola Marymount Charity Elliot
Resigned 4/5/21
Aarika Hughes
Hire announced 4/17/21
McNeese State Kacie Cryer
Contract not renewed 3/12/21
Lynn Kennedy
Hire announced 3/30/21
Memphis Melissa McFerrin
Retirement announced 2/14/21
Katrina Merriweather
Hire announced 3/29/21
Mississippi State Nikki McCray-Penson
Resigned for health reasons 10/12/91
Doug Novak
Interim coach
Monmouth Jody Craig
Resigned 3/10/21
Ginny Boggess
Hire announced 4/8/21
Montana Shannon Schweyen
Contract not renewed 4/1/20
Brian Holsinger
Hire announced 4/13/21
Morehead State Greg Todd
Resigned to take job at Eastern Kentucky 5/10/21
Cayla Petree
Hire announced 6/3/21
Mount St. Mary’s Maria Marchesano
Left to take job at Purdue Fort Wayne
Antoine White
Promoted to head coach 3/31/21
Northeastern Kelly Cole
Fired 3/24/21
Bridgette Mitchell
Hire announced 4/17/21
Northern Colorado Jenny Huth
Resigned 4/21/21
Kristen Mattio
Hire announced 5/8/21
Oklahoma Sherri Coale
Announced retirement 3/17/21
Jennie Baranczyk
Hire announced 4/10/21
Portland State Lynn Kennedy
Left to take job at McNeese 3/30/21
Chelsey Gregg
Hire announced 4/16/21
Purdue Sharon Versyp
Announced retirement 09/16/21
Katie Gearlds
Promoted 09/16/21
Rice Tina Langley
Left to take job at Washington 4/5/21
Lindsay Edmonds
Hire announced 4/23/21
Sacramento State Bunky Harkleroad
Contract not renewed 3/17/21
Mark Campbell
Hire announced 4/15/21
Siena Ali Jaques
Contract not renewed 3/15/21
Jim Jabir
Hire announced 4/7/21
SIUE Paula Buscher
Fired 3/18/21
Samantha Quigley Smith
Hire announced 4/27/21
Southern Methodist Travis Mays
Contract not renewed 3/8/21
Toyelle Wilson
Hire announced 4/1/21
Stony Brook Caroline McCombs
Left to take job at George Washington 4/2/21
Ashley Langford
Hire announced 4/28/21
Syracuse Quentin Hillsman
Resigned 8/2/21
Vonn Read
Interim head coach
Tulsa Matilda Mossman
Announced retirement 3/18/21
Angie Nelp
Hire announced 4/12/21
UMass Lowell Tom Garrick
Resigned 4/15/21
Denise King
Hire announced 5/20/21
USC Mark Trakh
Announced retirement 4/21/21
Lindsay Gottlieb
Hire announced 5/10/21
UT Arlington Krista Gerlich
Left for job at Texas Tech 8/18/20
Shereka Wright
Hire announced 9/4/20
UTSA Kristen Holt
Fired 3/16/21
Karen Aston
Hire announced 3/29/21
Vanderbilt Stephanie White
Fired 4/6/21
Shea Ralph
Hire announced 4/13/21
Wagner Heather Jacobs
Resigned 4/26/21
Terrell Coburn
Hire announced 4/28/21
Washington Jody Wynn
Fired 3/15/21
Tina Langley
Hire announced 4/5/21
Winthrop Lynette Woodard
Fired 3/24/20
Semeka Randall Lay
Named head coach 4/9/21
Wisconsin Jonathan Tsipis
Fired 3/9/21
Marisa Moseley
Hire announced 3/26/21
Wright State Katrina Merriweather
Left to take job at Memphis
Kari Hoffman
Hire announced 5/20/21

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    matched yours except I believe Courtnay Pilypaitis has been designated as interim head coach


    • According to Vermont, they are looking for a permanent head coach.

    • And thanks for the link!

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