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Twitter Digest for 2009-04-17

  • Mike McLaughlin hired to coach Penn women http://bit.ly/IBBKI follows Patrick Knapp who didn’t get contract renewed http://bit.ly/25Za3F
  • Minneapolis South High School basketball star Tayler Hill chooses Ohio State over Minnesota and Texas: http://bit.ly/OmBB #ncaa #basketball
  • Q&A with Vanderbilt’s Christina Wirth and Jen Risper (InsideVandy.com) http://bit.ly/1aIn9i #ncaa #wnba #basketball
  • @ElHafiz do u mean allow players who haven’t graduated from college n the league? lauren jackson was 19 when she was drafted & w/o a degree
  • White House youtube channel: Swin Cash reading Nancy Tafuri’s “Whose Chick Are You?” at ’09 White House Easter Egg Roll: http://bit.ly/Jv0on
  • @ElHafiz they do have rules that prevent high schoolers from playing. they have 2 play pro for 2 seasons or be 22, etc. http://bit.ly/K4bIE
  • Very cool…RT @seattlestorm: StormTracker-Storm Aids Women’s Basketball in Niger http://tinyurl.com/cxqux9 #wnba
  • Lady Huskies’ Glory Stolen By Coach – “Auriemma should…take a step back and cede the spotlight” (The Nation) http://bit.ly/3baas #ncaa
  • Teresa Edwards , the only five-time Olympic basketball player in U.S. history, nominated for US Olympic Hall of Fame: http://bit.ly/obxik
  • LSU women’s basketball head coach Van Chancellor signs of junior college point guard Taylor Booze: http://bit.ly/dFRr #ncaa #sports
  • @drsmith99 @TheRealScarab thank u for the followfriday shout out. i appreciate it. my followfridays coming a lil’ later this morning :)
  • RT @bcuban: Why Athletes Go Broke, are their financial mistakes any different than ours? http://bit.ly/3KbYEx #sports
  • Sacramento State head coach Dan Muscatell in running to be Westhead’s 3rd asst. at Oregon: http://bit.ly/iqZCo #ncaa #basketball
  • Cast your vote for 5-time Olympian Teresa Edwards to enter the US Olympic Hall of Fame: http://bit.ly/VmzQF #basketball #sports
  • Photos: New NC State head coach Kellie Harper press conference yesterday http://bit.ly/MoyV8 #ncaa #basketball #women
  • #followFriday theme: lovers of the game, pt. 1 @petrel_dgt @TheRealScarab @ElHafiz @drsmith99 @loisheilig @thatGAgirl @swirlspice
  • #followFriday theme: lovers of the game, pt. 2 @swok34 @flourishingjudy @kesterspindler @E_Espo @sunnydeefan3 @HoopHers @dancingdiva
  • #followFriday theme: lovers of the game pt.3 @gaydarbroken @umbeta1455 @UTLADYVOLSFAN @chrisdenker @LaurieD32 @outletrec @Bball_Girl1 @MKRob
  • #followfriday @wnba #cheers
  • @TheRealScarab i hope you get to see the terra cotta warriors exhibit. i can’t wait until it comes to texas next month.
  • @TheRealScarab if you go, enjoy! they look fascinating.
  • RT @MechelleV: Even Rocky Toppers will root for Geno (or at least Team USA) in 2012. http://tinyurl.com/cqxhac
  • @loisheilig you’re welcome. i enjoy reading your tweets :)
  • one more #followfriday – mavs fans be sure to follow @TXAGina it’s playoff time!
  • @wyndwalker thanks for the shoutout.
  • @dancingdiva you’re welcome :)
  • Training Rules played to capacity crowd at PSU yesterday: film highlights Rene Portland conflict (collegian.psu.edu) http://bit.ly/Rh6ZF
  • Lambert Harris on his daughter Jen being cut from the PSU team by Portland: “her ‘sprit died that night.'”
  • See when Training Rules comes to your town – a documentary film about homophobia in women’s collegiate sports http://bit.ly/hRlA #ncaa
  • Baylor Lady Bears to open season at Tennessee, Mulkey to fans: “start saving your pennies now” (wacotrib.com) #ncaa #basketball
  • More than 900 fans attended Baylor’s end of the season banquet, the 2nd largest crowd in banquet’s history after ’05 national championship!
  • Link to the “Lady Bears to open season at Tennessee” story (wacotrib.com) http://bit.ly/SSi8Z
  • @TXAGina traffic in austin on I-35 is always hellish in the afternoon/early eve esp. on fri. i say go early in the morning & avoid all that
  • @TXAGina but if you’re flying, go tonight and take it easy
  • Video: Pat Summitt puts her players on notice “some of them may not make it”,”this is unacceptable” http://bit.ly/vi6VE (wait for ad to end)
  • @wyndwalker yeah, it’s great that baylor had so many fans 2 support them at the banquet & there is quite a buzz re: griner
  • Ariz. St. signs 2 guards: Tenaya Watson (Central Arizona College) & Sabrina McKinney (Arlington, TX) http://bit.ly/19VdnN #basketball #ncaa
  • 3 artist suggestions for ’09 @wnba theme song: @goapele @jaguarwright @thatgirlmystic
  • @TheRealScarab i’m so jealous :) i’m looking forward to her new album
  • This is really sad. Remember last week’s news re: S. Carolina recruit Monique Willis? She was indicted, armed robbery http://bit.ly/Fc39Z
  • @TheRealScarab ooh, thanks for the recommendation. i def will check her out.
  • @TheRealScarab i know doria very well, lol. performed w/her, pamela means and evelyn maria harris at a nina simone tribute. small world eh?
  • @E_Espo re: monique willis. i hope she’s able 2 turn her life around. she’s so young. hopefully folks will reach out 2 her in a positive way
  • @thatgirlmystic you’re quite welcome :) saw u at that wee hours chicago show where u performed ‘fatherless child’ for the 1st time. awesome.
  • And the transfers keep coming: Jenny Vining, Rose Hammond to transfer from Oklahoma to seek more playing time http://bit.ly/16HfAa #ncaa
  • Auburn’s Nell Fortner gets contract extension (minimum $570,000 annually), had successful 30-4 season http://bit.ly/Neg3M #ncaa #basketball
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