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Hoopfeed Daily Twitter Digest for 2009-07-25

Published on July 26, 2009


  • Highest scoring All-Star game so far was in '05: West 122, East 99 at Mohegan #wnbaas @wyndwalker 16:18:01
  • They just played one of my fave songs from a Brazilian group in '08: Cansei de Ser Sexy sings "Music Is My Hot Hot…" #wnbaas 16:20:48
  • Irony: Cansei der Ser Sexy is a parody of a Beyonce quote, said once she was tired of being sexy. CSS in Portuguese = "Tired of Being Sexy” 16:24:40
  • Alright, Sylvia #wnbaas #dunk 16:26:44
  • Players throwing t-shirts to the audience #wnbaas 16:28:53
  • MVP Swin Cash with 22 points, 6 rebs #wnbaas 16:31:19
  • Couldn't find Daily News reporter RT @JaydaEvans Cool moment: All of the black ASG reporters gathered 4 a photo. There are 5 of us #wnbaas 17:40:08
  • Orender confident WNBA will have 13 teams in 2010 (AP) #wnba 17:51:45


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