Rutgers coach Stringer: “I won’t be coaching a team that goes to the NIT”

Video: Rutgers post-game press conference after losing to St. John’s 60-52, 02/24/10 (Windows Media)

Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer comments after St. John’s loss on the possibility of her team playing in the NIT tournament if they do not make the NCAA cut:

“We have two games left. I am not even thinking about it. I think that is a long shot at best. I think they would throw us a mercy towel if they did. I am being very honest with you because the only way we could have any kind of a conversation is if we were to do miraculous things at the BIG EAST (Tournament). Since we have not done anything at our own home, I am not willing to put my heart out there and believe that that is going to happen. I can tell you, and people have asked me, will we go to the NIT? I don’t know anything about the NIT and I can guarantee you, I won’t be coaching a team that goes to the NIT. If we don’t go to the NCAA, we aren’t going. I am not going to the NIT. That is second in my opinion and I never will accept it, never have accepted it. Don’t even ask me that question, ever. When it’s done, it’s over. That is how I feel about it.”

On  staying home:

“I would rather leave the country because I can’t be here in March. I can’t even stay in my own skin. I had that happen one time. I get as far away from basketball. I don’t want to see any games. I don’t want to see anything that reminds me. If I can put a wig on and (become) Rastafarian, pretend I am someone else, that is where I’m going to go. I can guarantee you the minute that this is over, I am going to an island somewhere. Nowhere near basketball and nowhere near anything that reminds me of this.” 

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