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Video: Bing goes the Storm, singing the Bing song

Published on April 22, 2010


Yesterday’s Seattle Storm announcement of a multi-year partnership Microsoft’s “decision engine” Bing including jersey logo placement sent many in search of jokes about the deal.

The partnership includes Bing integration into the team’s marketing and promotional materials and sponsorship of the Jr. Storm youth basketball initiative.

The Storm is the third team in the WNBA to have a corporate logo on its jersey following in the footsteps of the Phoenix Mercury (LifeLock) and the Los Angeles Sparks (Farmer’s Insurance). However, what the Mercury and the Sparks do not have is a group of kids singing their logo’s song.

Here are the Bing singers from Keith Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania:

The Bing logo is also on the front of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks practice jerseys. Microsoft sponsors the MLS Seattle Sounders FC and its XBox 360 logo is on the soccer team’s jerseys.

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