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Purdue: Drey Mingo’s condition upgraded to fair

Published on November 26, 2010


From the Purdue Athletic Department:

Drey Mingo’s condition has been upgraded to fair as of this morning. Fair condition is defined as vital signs being stable and within normal limits with favorable indicators; the patient is conscious, but may be uncomfortable. Mingo’s family is still with her at the hospital.

Mingo, a redshirt junior forward was admitted to a local hospital Tuesday afternoon with bacterial meningitis. The Boilermakers were scheduled to fly to Mexico on Wednesday morning to participate in the Caribbean Challenge, but the team cancelled the trip.

The games are considered cancellations, not forfeits and the tournament schedule was adjusted. Purdue’s scheduled opponents, Montana and Florida Gulf Coast will play one another on Saturday morning.

The Purdue women’s basketball team will resume practice this afternoon.

The strain of bacteria that Mingo contracted has not been announced yet.


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