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Phoenix Suns and Mercury Managing Partner Robert Sarver issues statement on Diana Taurasi

Published on January 31, 2011


Phoenix Suns and Mercury Managing Partner Robert Sarver issued a statement about Diana Taurasi today. The Mercury star tested positive in December for the banned stimulant modafinil while playing overseas in Turkey.

“Throughout the time I’ve known Diana, she has impressed me with her purist approach to the game.  I don’t believe she would ever do anything to cheat the game she loves or her own performance – that’s just not who she is.  When she has made a mistake before, she has immediately acknowledged it and handled it in an honest and straightforward manner.”

In an interview with the Associated Press this weekend, Taurasi insisted that she never took the substance and that she would appeal any suspension handed down by the Turkish basketball federation. She also faces a ban from the International Olympic Committee. The organization bars any athletes penalized for six months or more from competing in the next Olympic games.


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