UCLA 60, Washington 42

Kind of a slow game.

Pictures are HERE.

It’s humorous that the UCLA website uses the term “destroyed” to describe what the Bruins did to the Huskies.

Everybody got in for UCLA.

The funniest moment of the game was very late in the second half when Jasmine Dixon airballed her second free throw. Coach Nikki Caldwell said something to her like “what are you doing?” because I was watching Dixon as she walked backwards up the court. She threw her arms out to her sides and made her eyes big, shrugging with an amused expression. You couldn’t be mad at her.

Tomorrow the Bruins take on WSU for senior day, where we’ll have to say goodbye to some of my favorite players. Tomorrow’s schedule, as well as a time for UCLA’s first game in the Pac-10 tournament next week, is here.

Two of the women who sit behind me have been to every Bruins game this season, whether home or away. They say the reason they’re following UCLA is because of Caldwell and assistant coach Tasha Butts, who both hail from Tennessee. That kind of dedication is impressive.

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