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West Coast Premier Basketball Academy Spring Invitational, Day One Recap

Published on May 15, 2011


West Coast Premier Basketball Academy Spring Invitational, Pomona, California, May 14-15, 2011

DFW Gold 44, Cal Ballaz 23

DFW came last year with 2012 Moriah Jefferson – who just committed to Connecticut this week. This year Jefferson and her peers didn’t make the trip to this tourney; it was the 2013 team DFW Gold, who looked like soon-to-be-seniors themselves.

Point guard Diamond Lockhart stood out for DFW, with her fearless slashing and her quickness. Another top player for the squad was Ashley Hearn, who is a freshman.

The Cal Ballaz, from the Bay area, had a lot of heart, hustle, and were good shot blockers. But in the end, the fundamentally-sound DFW dominated.

Stockton Mustangs 52, Game Time Basketball 47

This great game that was close throughout featured rising star Mercedes Russell of Springfield, Oregon, on the Game Time side. The 6-foot-5 sophomore was constantly fed by teammates for the bucket, and she was also a force on rebounds and blocked shots. Teammate Ashley Land added her shooting expertise. It was obvious from their chemistry that this team has played together for a while.

Stockton got the edge because they were quicker, and they have some strong outside shooters.

Cal Sparks Gold 42, MOC Elite Black 28

Cal Sparks Gold has recently added a few to their already-powerful roster, making them even more of a force to be reckoned with. Besides the regular consistent contributions of post Erica McCall and guard Kari Korver, sophomore Courtney Jaco is slowly making a name for herself. Jaco is lightening fast on the break, and will slash anywhere necessary.

Boo Williams 40, FBC Blue 39

Now that Elizabeth Williams is gone, Boo Williams has no "stars" for the present time. But the fundamentally-sound team – coached by Williams himself – is always rock solid. FBC Blue gave them the run of their life, even without 6-foot-6 Imani Stafford, who couldn’t make the tournament.

The game was close throughout, but early in the first half, BW went ahead by six points. FBC mounted a furious comeback, using both defensive and offensive tactics.

"It was defensive more than anything, but it was also offensive," FBC Coach Ray Mayes said. "Their offensive strength is they like to gamble a lot, so we were able to take advantage of that by beating them on picks and the back door and cutting them off."

Jasmine Johnson, Jeanier Olukemi and Rishanda Napier showed up big time for FBC, but Boo held on to win it by one point.


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