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Game Updates: New York at Los Angeles, June 21, 2011

Published on June 22, 2011


Tina Thompson gives the regular pre-game greeting to the crowd, and LL then takes the mic and says a few words about the league’s 15th year. She gives tribute to those who are "doing it without her," and expresses hopes that the league will continue at least 15 more years.

Fans waving glowing thundersticks during Sparks intro video! Great effect

TT is hot! She’s 4-4 for 10 pts!!

Hoffman went in for TT, which I don’t get because TT was hot. But now Toliver is on a rampage, which included an incredible last-second shot to end the quarter. She has 6.

Second Quarter

Great loud crowd!

Comedy…Lisa Leslie and husband do synchronized head groovin to "Bad Mamma Jamma" when camera finds them at a timeout.

Not used to seeing Cappie with all that hair. She has 12 points.

Whoa! Another long shot at the buzzer for the Sparks! This time by Parker! 53 all at the half; Candace Parker with 10, DeLisha Milton-Jones 13, Thompson 14, Pondexter 15.

This ESPN halftime interview with Leslie and Rebeca Lobo would be cool if we could hear it. What a bummer.

Jen Gillom had the halftime interview with ESPN’s Heather Cox. The ESPN crew was everywhere with the cameras, the makeup toucher-uppers.

At halftime it looks like Lisa Leslie’s mother and husband are leaving.

Third Quarter

In the third quarter the Old Skool Crew finally come out and perform, to the delight of the crowd. They have a flawless routine down to an MC Hammer mix, and it brings the house down. Fans LOVE the Old Skool Crew.

Fourth Quarter

In the fourth quarter they show some dudes on the jumbotron that are sitting in the front row. They’re probably NBA players, but people don’t seem to know who they are.

They only played the "everybody clap your hands" soundbite 10.5 times tonight. Thank god.


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