Game Updates: Seattle at Los Angeles, June 19, 2011

Los Angeles 74, Seattle 50

Los Angeles: Ebony Hoffman 12 points, Kristi Toliver 11 points, Candace Parker 10 points, Jantel Lavender 10 points
Seattle: Sue Bird 15 Points, 5 Rebounds, 3 Assists
Attendance: 9119
Officials: #17 Scott Twardoski, #8 Daryl Humphrey, #43 Brenda Pantoja
Box score

1st Quarter

Both teams nervous, missing shots. Sparks have several turnovers so far.

Cash gets a T for swearing after she misses an under-the-bucket shot.

Once again, they’re playing the “everybody clap your hands” song bit from the “Cha Cha Slide” to get the crowd clapping and into the game. And once again, they’re playing it WAY too much. At a 4:40 timeout right now and they’ve already qued it up three times so far. Ugh! The Storm are probably wondering why they need to do that here, because Seattle KeyArena fans come already revved up (and on time).

9-6 Sparks at 4:40 timeout.

Make that four times for “clap your hands” coming in on the timeout :-/

Ugly, hard-fought game on both sides. Lots of turnovers and missed shots. It’s a battle of defense.

Six times for “everybody clap your hands.” I’m going to keep count.

14-8 LA at the end of the first.

2nd quarter

All three Sparks coaches were on their feet during a play, stomping and waving their arms. When the Sparks stole the ball Bryant did a little stomp-and-spin. CP’s bucket was greeted with loud cheers. 23-10 LA @ the 6:42 timeout.

31-14 at 4:07 timeout.

Sue Bird is trying for the Storm, but no one else is awake yet. In the meantime, Tina Thompson has a big three and so does Ebony Hoffman to fuel the run.

What a messy stanza that was…Bird stole the ball, turned it over, followed by five “almost” or actual turnovers. Ended in a failed Ebony Hoffman three-shot.

Tina Thompson and Lauren Jackson shoving and pushing each other…just good old-fashioned hoopin’.

39-25 LA at the half. Who would have thought?

We’re up to eight times on “everybody clap your hands.” Let’s see how many times they play it in the second half.

3rd Quarter

Sparks were shooting 51.6 at the half to the Storm’s 31.3.

Three-shots: 66.7 for the Sparks, 18.2 for the Storm.

Sparks outrebounding Storm 19-14 @ half, which includes 16-10 defensive rebounds.

Wow – 6:55 and it’s 39-26 LA. The only thing each team isn’t short on is technicals: Storm with two and Sparks with one.

“Everybody clap your hands” count up to 11 now.

43-31 at 4:41 timeout. This is just not Lauren Jackson’s game……she can’t seem to buy a bucket, as she just missed a close jumper.

Brilliant steal by Cash, but Smith can’t finish. Kind of the story of the game so far for the Storm.

It is anyone’s championship in the West this year.

Now Ebony Hoffman and Sue Bird each get a T. I think the total is up to four T’s for this game so far. Wow!

Hoffman with a big bucket at the end of the third to put LA up 57-41. She has 12.

Bird’s last shot put her at 15 points. She leads her team.

Fourth Quarter

Ugly game for the Storm. Sparks lead 70-49 at 3:22 to go.

Hoffman comes out to loud applause; she has 12.

Lavender has 10, Toliver 11.

Lacy just made a basket while falling to the floor.

Starters are out now.

19 times for “everybody clap your hands.”

72-49 @ 2:07 timeout.

I have it on good courtside authority that all the T’s were garnered by cursing.

74-50 final

Lauren Jackson hugging most Sparks players as she goes through the line. Seems like that’s a new thing for her, and I like it.

Final tally for clap yo hands: 20

Lead Changes: 2

Technical fouls:
Storm: Cash, Willingham
Sparks: Hoffman, Milton-Jones

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  • Something is definitely off with the sound in the arena this year, which is maybe why they're playing that clap your hands thing more – it's one of the only cues that can be understood from the seats. And thanks for mentioning it, cause they need to work on the clarity of the other announcements. No one in my section could understand anything that was being said all game.

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