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Dishin & Swishin: July 27, 2011 – Yolanda Griffith and the 2011 WNBA Top 15 Players

Published on July 27, 2011



When the WNBA announced the 30 finalists for the Best 15 Players in WNBA History, there were a few people that were locks for the final lists.  Lisa Leslie, Cynthia Cooper, and Lauren Jackson, for example, were all MVPs and champions.  Add to that list Yolanda Evette Griffith, the 1999 WNBA MVP, member of the 2005 championship Sacramento Monarchs, and in my opinion one of the Top Five players to play in the WNBA.  Now, consider that she was already 29 years-old when she joined the WNBA, after winning MVP of the ABL (American Basketball League). Much like Cooper, Griffith played overseas for many years, and unfortunately we didn’t get to see those years of stellar play.  Still, she never took a play off, and played with a passion and determination that made her nearly impossible to keep off the boards.

The face of the Sacramento franchise for so many years, Yolanda is still a great ambassador for women’s basketball, a strong woman with opinions on the league and its direction and the players of both the past and present. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Yolanda Griffith, as we discuss the best of the WNBA, her storied career, the All Star festivities, the difficulty of leaving Sacramento and staying active in basketball today.

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  1. JACKIE COOPER says:

    Great interview with Yolanda. Was surprise her Olympic gold wasn’t her most prized award. great job David. This is an interview young players need to listen to. Yolanda is humble…appreciate how she acknowledges/recognizes her former teammates. Sounds like she still has a great love for the game! thank you David!

  2. David Siegel says:

    Thanks Jackie, I love the girls that bang inside and do all the dirty work, and nobody did it better than Yo.

    I loved the comments on the “new generation” of centers, and how she feels she’d do.

  3. Mae says:

    That was a great interview with Yo and it was good to see her on tv at the award presentation. When I was voting for the Top 15 there was NO doubt in my mind that she should be included. I am with you in that she is one of the Top 5 along with Cooper, Swoops, Leslie and Staley. Some young fans may not know of Yo but those of use who have been fans since the beginning know who she is. Some on another board were complaining about Staley which shows they don't know of her success with the Olympics and that she was the premere point guard who trained Sue Bird nor that she was selected to carry the American Flag for one of the Olympics. I had no problem with any of the 15 except Cappie. Great player that she is there were others IMO who could have taken her place-Nolan, Holdsclaw, Sales and Natalie Williams to name a few. Thanks for the interview and all the good work you do.

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