Hoopfeed Daily Twitter Digest for 2011-10-20

  • Delaware favored to win 2012 CAA title according to preseason poll (http://t.co/wuEoaT3m) http://t.co/PqCeqPu4 #ncaaw #
  • Runners up in CAA poll: VCU, James Madison & Hofstra. Drexel & Old Dominion tied for 5th. CAA Preseason POY: Elena Delle Donne (Delaware). #
  • Xavier: Winding road turns former GMC rivals into XU teammates (http://t.co/rTJf6l4q) http://t.co/aDGwrzVl #ncaaw #
  • Arizona: It’s full speed ahead for senior guard Shanita Arnold (http://t.co/aiR87Zed) http://t.co/4tkc10Ci #ncaaw #
  • New Mexico: Torn ACL benches junior guard Sara Halasz for 2nd season in a row (http://t.co/nWMMoutH) http://t.co/SoK1cREq #ncaaw #
  • Stanford women have a new, faster style (http://t.co/YYXicvpu) http://t.co/SZBLvoem #ncaaw #
  • Young Stanford gears up for another deep March run (AP) http://t.co/iwf5f5QE #ncaaw #
  • Louisiana Tech tabbed to win 2012 Western Athletic Conference title, Preseason POY: Ashlee Brown (Utah St.) http://t.co/kJvQV1CS #ncaaw #
  • Tenn.: Ariel Massengale at practice for 1st time since suffering concussion-like symptoms (http://t.co/ZXc9O4kO) http://t.co/e6ejWmlp #ncaaw #
  • UMass: Tatham sisters helped Canada to bronze at FIBA Americas (http://t.co/3UTCYDDG) http://t.co/yBbsLvRg #ncaaw #
  • ESPN to televise over 100 women's basketball games (http://t.co/jmPygO74) http://t.co/UbxB6OVF #ncaaw #
  • Marion Jones representing the U.S. on diplomatic visits (http://t.co/eTt0KkXE) http://t.co/G6JmEash #wnba #
  • Big 12 WBB Media Day underway: Student roundtable: Childs (KSU), Bias (OSU), Griner (BU), Christofferson (ISU). http://t.co/zSBaTbFn #
  • Brittney Griner said she celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday with teammates and received a longboard skateboard as a gift. #ncaaw #baylor #
  • Next up was Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey who had some comedic comments about conference realignment #ncaaw http://t.co/E4513Fl5 #
  • Mulkey said Brittney Griner was the smaller, slower post player for 1st time in her career during her European tour w/the US National team. #
  • Coach Mulkey also said point guard Odyssey Sims is back to her pre-ACL injury self. "Night and day" from last season to now. #ncaaw #big12 #
  • Okla. St. Coach Budke on the Big 12: "The central United States needs this conference for our fans. This conference needs to stay." #
  • Texas coach Goestenkors on post player Cokie Reed being back from injury: "She's going to demand a double team." #ncaaw #
  • Goestenkors on Texas being cast as the villain in the realignment madness: "We really don't discuss anything that anyone else has to say." #
  • 2011-12 WBB Big 12 Media Day – Live Thread (http://t.co/oNgadJnD) http://t.co/sF71b44S #ncaaw #big12 #
  • Baylor coach Kim Mulkey on the Big 12 and conference realignment (http://t.co/oNgadJnD) http://t.co/ZWkW9P3e #ncaaw #big12 #mustread #
  • Texas A&M guard Sydney Carter: Coach Gary Blair is moving on from the Dougie to the Wobble even though "he really has no rhythm" #ncaaw #LOL #
  • Texas A&M coach Gary Blair: "We're looking forward to defending the National Championship." #ncaaw #
  • Afternoon student panel: Carter (A&M), Davis (Kansas), Simmons (Missouri), Morris (Texas Tech), Ellenberg (Okla.) http://t.co/Q8cuuYq1 #
  • Blair: "We don't run from competition, we run to competition." #ncaaw #
  • Blair is excited about Kelsey Bone but says: "I tell her she's not Danielle Adams so step away from that 3-pt. line." #ncaaw #lol #
  • Blair on realignment:I'm not going to get into that, it's all about football…it's about television sets, it's about money, it's about egos #
  • Kansas coach Bonnie Henrickson on realignment: "Like Gary said it's about football, (TV) and ego, and I'm not sure ego is third." #ncaaw #
  • Henrickson on Big 12 fans: There aren't many places where you go play in the middle of winter with snow and there's 8 or 9 thousand people. #
  • Missouri coach Robin Pingeton: "We're all anxious to see how this conference realignment process goes." #ncaaw #
  • Texas Tech coach Kristy Curry says no one on her team is working hard than Kierra Mallard. #ncaaw #
  • She also said she that "it is a joke" that Mallard wasn't mentioned in any of the Big 12 preseason accolades. #ncaaw #
  • Like sands in the hour glass, as the Big 12 world turns, so are the days of our lives. #ncaaw <soprano voice>draaaama</soprano voice> #
  • 2011-12 WBB Big 12 Media Day – Live Thread: Texas center Cokie Reed back from injury http://t.co/c7lkj2IM #ncaaw #
  • Conference realignment was the hot topic at WBB Big 12 Media Day. Other issues: the Griner effect, round-robins & more http://t.co/sF71b44S #
  • Who wants its bad enough? #big12 #trophy http://t.co/Jef35izr #
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