Dishin & Swishin 3/15/12 Podcast: Come dancing with the annual NCAA tournament roundtable


It is an annual event. Before you fill out your women’s tournament brackets, before you put down a wager or two, and before you make those picks and your “expert” friend rolls their eyes at your, sit down with a blank form, your computer, iPod, iPad or other device, and let the Dishin & Swishin roundtable tell you who will be headed to Denver for the Final Four and who will cut down the nets in the end.

Dishin & Swishin pulled together one of its biggest roundtables ever for this event.

The participants come from television, the Internet and print media. Some have covered women’s hoops for years, and some are relatively new to the game. Some have mixed it up on the court, and some have mixed it up in the buffet line.

Any way you look at it, there are people here that can help you pick those brackets, look for those upsets, and help you identify the teams and players that you may not have been aware of prior to this upcoming couple of weeks.

Without further delay, the panelists on the NCAA Tournament roundtable:

  • David Siegel, your moderator, from the Dishin & Swishin podcast weekly on
  • Mel Greenberg, the “Guru” himself; the poll originator, the innovator, the man with the award named after him.
  • Wendy Parker, one of two Southern belles participating, from Basketball Times, who played the game six-on-six, and has covered it for almost as long.
  • Doug Feinberg, the Associated Press’ women’s basketball chief, the keeper of the weekly AP poll.
  • LaChina Robinson, television analyst, the other Southern belle in the group. She was a post player at the ACC’s Wake Forest and is a growing talent in television coverage of NCAA women’s basketball.
  • Jayda Evans, the West Coast voice of the roundtable, from the Seattle Times. She is determined to make sure people from the East Coast remember there are teams out West other than Stanford.
  • Angela Taylor, Stanford alumna, former WNBA executive, now host of the radio show “Game Changer” and maybe the most rational member of the group, having been a part of every facet of the game. She is determined to see the game advance and grow.
  • Orin Day, the newbie, a first-timer, the keeper of, a website dedicated to spreading all pertinent info on Duke and the ACC.

Grab your favorite beverage, kick off your shoes, and prepare to be enlightened and entertained. Hopefully, you will even learn a few things about either your favorite team or one that just may become one of your favorites.

Who will make the Final Four? Who will win the tournament? Well, I will tell you we have some differences of opinion.

The rest you are going to have to hear for yourself! Enjoy!

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  • stanford has been AT LEAST getting to the final four past few years; they stand on their own merit as a power. if ucla didn't lose 2 starters & 4 impact players they'd be top 10. why is no one speaking of tennessee hanging with – and almost defeating – baylor earlier this season? and..pls talk some DEFENSE, which accounts for 50% of the time players spend on the court. GLORY most versatile defender in the nation. thank you folks :>)

  • growing the sport of women's college basketball should be a top priority of all those involved. maybe the initial 2 rounds should be hosted by top 4 seeds and the remainder of the touney played at pre-determined sites. what do our distinguished panelists think? that includes my friend doug :)

  • alyssa thomas 5th best player in country. tianna hawkins is a star. guards are talented but inconsistent. D and backcourt are essential ingredients for tournament success. does the panel agree with my all american DEFENSIVE team? glory,griner,skylar,farris,chiney,mathies,devereaux,mathies,tayler hill,briana gilbreath. whom am i missing?

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