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Holly Warlick on Pat Summitt

Published on March 27, 2012


Tennessee associate head coach Holly Warlick. Photo © Robert Franklin, All rights reserved.

Tennessee associate head coach Holly Warlick’s postgame comments about Pat Summitt after Tennessee lost to Baylor in the Elite Eight of the 2012 NCAA tournament.

Opening statement:
“Hats off to Baylor. They played a great game. Odyssey Sims was fantastic. We had five seniors who battled and fought; I’m extremely proud of them and the way they represented the University of Tennessee.”

On Baylor:
“I said it before the game: It goes further than Brittney Griner. They all play well together, and they were exceptional tonight. We look at what they did offensively, but they’re outstanding on the defensive end. They force you to take quick shots. They’re just a great basketball team.”

On Baylor’s shooting performance:
“You can’t give that team eight [3-pointers]. I think Sims got loose a couple of times, so when we made our run and she hit a three it was like a dagger. I thought we did a good job on Griner early; I thought, really, we did a good job on her the entire game. But on a great team, other people step up and make plays.”

On the emotion of this season:
“This team is about Pat Summitt, and this team has battled all year. I’m proud of them. I thought our team and coaching staff obviously was in a difficult situation, but this team has battled. I think, like Pat, this team never gave up. And they never used it as a crutch. You know, as Pat represents this program, I think these five seniors represented it as well. And I think this coaching staff tried to continue on the tradition that Coach Summitt has built. We’ve got a great foundation, and this program’s gonna continue to do what Tennessee has always done.”

On head coach Pat Summitt’s fiery demeanor on the sideline tonight:
“That’s Pat. Her love of the game, she’s not lost that. She may forget where her phone is, but she’s not gonna forget to yell at the officials. She’s still competitive. I don’t care what disease she has; she’s gonna go down swinging.”

On Odyssey Sims:
“It’s difficult to guard someone with as great of speed as Odyssey. She’s just done it all. I can’t think right now of a better point guard than Odyssey Sims.”

On the senior class being the first not to make a Final Four:
“We hadn’t talked about that, because these seniors have done a hell of a job. Competition is getting better, and these young ladies are not only expected to uphold the Tennessee tradition; they’re expected to win a national championship every year, and it gets more and more difficult. I know they’re disappointed they didn’t do it, but we look back on these seniors and understand what each one of them has contributed.”



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