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The Shimmy and Cheryl Show: Inaugural podcast 5/22/12: Reviewing the WNBA opening weekend, previews and more…

Published on May 22, 2012


Recorded Tuesday, May 21, 2012


Welcome everyone to the inaugural episode of “The Shimmy and Cheryl Show” with Cheryl Coward, founder of, and University of Nebraska assistant coach Shimmy Gray-Miller. Each episode we will review the week in WNBA basketball, make predictions for the upcoming week and talk about everything else going on with the league including player and coach tweets, fan activities and any other random topic that comes to mind. Subscribe via RSS and iTunes.

Some things we mention in this podcast:

  • Predictions for the upcoming games, we’ll post the results of our predictions next week.
  • Our MVPs of the week.
  • Lynx fans and Seimone Augustus.
  • Diana Taurasi’s prank on her teammates. [Video]
  • Hoopfeed and the My-nah-sota Lynx.
  • Lynx bling.

Tweet us your questions, comments, Shimmy Gray-Miller, @shimmy33 or Cheryl @hoopfeed, or contact us via this website.

Podcast music: “City of Innocence” by Dan-O at



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