Big East announces repeat opponents for 2012-13

big-east-logo-100hThe Big East released the women’s basketball repeat schedule of league teams as well as home and away schedule for its 15 members.

The regular-season format is a 16-game schedule. Each team plays 16 conference games. They will host six opponents at home and play at six opponents with two repeat opponents where both a home and away game will be played. Each team has a total of eight home and eight away games. According to the league, the rationale in determining the repeat opponents is to provide additional quality television inventory, for competitive issues/RPI implications as well as geographic rivalries/minimizing travel costs.

“We are coming off a great season that showcased the continued growth and depth of our conference,” said Danielle Donehew, Big East Associate Commissioner for Women’s Basketball. “The continued use of the 16-game schedule model allows us to display the impressive play throughout the conference. The second repeat opponent will help balance the competitive fairness within the league, while creating exciting matchups for television.”

 Repeats  Repeats  Repeats  Repeats  Repeats  Repeats  Repeats  Repeats
Marquette Notre Dame Louisville Pittsburgh DePaul Cincinnati Connecticut DePaul
Rutgers Marquette Pittsburgh Syracuse USF Connecticut Providence Georgetown
Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games
1 Connecticut DePaul Georgetown Cincinnati Cincinnati DePaul Cincinnati Cincinnati
2 DePaul Louisville Notre Dame Connectitut Georgetown Louisville Georgetown Marquette
3 Providence Pittsburgh Providence Marquette Pittsburgh Notre Dame Louisville Notre Dame
4 Seton Hall Seton Hall Rutgers Seton Hall Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers Providence
5 Syracuse Syracuse Seton Hall USF St. John’s St. John’s St. John’s USF
6 Villanova Villanova USF Villanova Seton Hall Syracuse Syracuse Villanova
Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games
1 Georgetown Cincinnati Cincinnati DePaul Connecticut Georgetown DePaul Connecticut
2 Louisville Georgetown Connecticut Louisville Marquette Pittsburgh Marquette Louisville
3 Notre Dame Providence Marquette Notre Dame Notre Dame Providence Pittsburgh Rutgers
4 Pittsburgh Rutgers St. John’s Providence Providence Seton Hall Seton Hall St. John’s
5 St. John’s St. John’s Syracuse Rutgers Syracuse USF USF Seton Hall
6 USF USF Villanova St. John’s Villanova Villanova Villanova Syracuse
Repeats  Repeats  Repeats Repeats  Repeats Repeats Repeats
Notre Dame Cincinnati Rutgers St. Johns Louisville Georgetown Providence
Villanova St. John’s Seton Hall USF Seton Hall Villanova Syracuse
Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games Home Games
1 Connecticut Connecticut Cincinnati Marquette Cincinnati DePaul DePaul
2 Georgetown Georgetown Connecticut Notre Dame Connecticut Louisville Louisville
3 Louisville Pittsburgh DePaul Pittsburgh Marquette Pittsburgh Marquette
4 Marquette Providence Georgetown Providence Notre Dame Providence Notre Dame
5 St. John’s USF Pittsburgh Rutgers St. John’s Rutgers St. John’s
6 USF Villanova Syracuse Villanova Syracuse Seton Hall USF
Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games Away Games
1 Cincinnati DePaul Louisville Cincinnati DePaul Cincinnati Cincinnati
2 DePaul Louisville Marquette Connecticut Georgetown Connecticut Connecticut
3 Pittsburgh Marquette Notre Dame DePaul Pittsburgh Marquette Georgetown
4 Rutgers Notre Dame Providence Georgetown Providence Notre Dame Pittsburgh
5 Seton Hall Seton Hall USF Louisville Rutgers St. John’s Rutgers
6 Syracuse Syracuse Villanova Syracuse Villanova USF Seton Hall
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