Dishin & Swishin 7/13/12 Podcast: Summer 2012 is a good time to be Becky Hammon!

Becky Hammon. Photo © Robert Franklin, all rights reserved.

Your WNBA team is riding an eight-game winning streak to a 12-5 record and Western Conference playoff contention after a 4-5 start. You are the current Western Conference player of the week, you are leading the league in assists and are No. 12 in scoring. After Friday’s WNBA game versus Atlanta, you are boarding a plane bound for the Czech Republic and a waiting Russian National team preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London, a place you have never been before. And you are no longer ridiculously labeled a “traitor” for representing a country other than the United States.

Yes indeed, the summer of 2012 is absolutely a great time to be Rebecca Lynn Hammon, from Rapid City, South Dakota and undrafted by the WNBA, as you surely know if you are reading this, or ever watched her in a game (because you know the announcer is going to say it).

The last time she was a guest on Dishin & Swishin, Hammon was with fellow legends of Liberty days past: Teresa Weatherspoon, Rebecca Lobo, Vickie Johnson, Sue Wicks, and Kym Hampton. Today’s Dishin & Swishin podcast is devoted solely to the remarkable summer of Hammon.

We discussed the rise of the 2012 Silver Stars, including her role as player and mentor plus her thoughts on teammates Sophia Young, Danielle Adams, Danielle Robinson and more.

How much easier and how much more enjoyable is the Olympic experience in 2012 thus far, compared to 2008? Hammon discusses what it is like then and now, her Russian teammates to look for, and some of her favorite players in international competition.

One thing I really appreciate about Hammon, and I am sure you will too, is that she is not one to shy away from a topic that may be controversial.

In this interview alone she discussed freely and openly her thoughts on:

  • The WNBA roster eleven-player roster
  • The failure of international tournaments to put the well-being of players first
  • The EuroLeague tournament setup impacting the “decision” on winning or losing games
  • The future of Danielle Adams’ career

I know you are going to enjoy this fast paced thirty minutes with one of the very best in the world! By the end you may just find yourself saying, “you know, it is a good time to be Becky Hammon.”

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  • I am so happy too see Becky’s work ethic highlighted! She is just amazing! I have been her fan for more years than I can count! I’m “feelin” the title this year for the Silver Stars..Becky for MVP!

  • […] Yes, it was against an Angel-less Dream, but the SASS don’t care – they just keep on winning. Becky is happy. […]

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