NCAA on the verge of implementing 10-second backcourt rule for women’s basketball

The NCAA Women’s Basketball Rules Committee recommended adding a 10-second backcourt rule during annual meetings in Indianapolis this week.

“Given feedback from stakeholders through the years, this is the right time to approve the rule,” said Barbara Burke, women’s basketball rules committee chair and director of athletics at Eastern Illinois. “Overall, we discussed pace of play, creating scoring opportunities and flow of the game. Adding the 10-second backcourt rule adds another element of strategy, and this rule fits into the concepts of growing the game.”

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel must approve the proposed rule change. It meets via conference call in June. If approved the rule becomes effective for the 2013-14 season.

Previously, teams could take as much time off the 30-second shot clock as they wanted before crossing the mid-court line. Officials will use the shot clock to determine if a 10-second violation has occurred.

The committee is also recommended that the closely guarded rule in the backcourt be eliminated from the rules book.

From the NCAA:

The closely guarded rule in the frontcourt would read that a player holding the ball for five seconds with a defender not exceeding six feet will be a violation. Previously, the defender had to be within three feet of the offensive player with the ball to force a five-second violation.

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