• This is by far the most hateful and bias article I ever read. Anti- gay? seriously? This is so sad. There are just as many people who don't support it as there that does. People are no longer allowed to have different beliefs and views as it seems. some of these people who do support are so hypocritical because it highly doubtful they have always supported it. some of these same people voted for Obama in knowing he changes his stance on gay marriage like the seasons. One thing I've noticed for a group that preaches “tolerance and love” some of them spew vile vicious hate if you don’t agree with them. In this society some people are too immature to disagree and move on. Even if you think someone is wrong since when does two wrongs make a right. People like are the main reason why we can't move forward in this country. They are weighing down the very thing they support by being hateful. I don't like I will ever support this website and its contributors again if they believe someone of a different belief is hateful.United we stand, divided we fall.

  • It's always interesting that when the victims of discrimination react passionately about being marginalized, so many people tell THEM to sit down and shut up, as if they are the ones in the wrong. What a world.

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