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Hoopfeed Daily Twitter Digest for 04-20-2014

Published on April 21, 2014


  • RT @LynxCoachReeve: With the backdrop of a recent twitter convo initiated by media member referring to @minnesotalynx as outside of 'the bi… ->
  • RT @LynxCoachReeve: sports scene, I feel compelled to share these thoughts in hopes that all members of the MN media will listen and attemp… ->
  • RT @LynxCoachReeve: framing @wnba and womens sports in general in this manner does a great deal of damage. I want to call on media to be co… ->
  • RT @LynxCoachReeve: effects of trivializing and marginalizing coverage. With a commitment from our media, we can be leaders in enacting soc… ->
  • RT @LynxCoachReeve: that Minnesotans pride themselves on. ->


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