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Dishin & Swishin 05/15/14 Podcast: Roundtable previews the WNBA

Published on May 15, 2014



With the WNBA season tipping off on Friday evening, it is time for Dishin & Swishin to convene another edition of the roundtable and preview the season.

The roundtable consists of the Seattle Times’ Jayda Evans, Bluestar Media’s Wendy Parker, and Fox Sports’ Cindy Brunson. Dishin & Swishin’s David Siegel is the host.

In a slightly abbreviated edition than most roundtables, the panel looks at the changes on the court and on the sideline, injuries, additions and subtractions plus the players that will impact the WNBA season.

Enjoy #SummerHoops and good luck to everyone as they start the new season!


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