• December 6, 2021

Kristen Mann balances basketball and music, launches campaign to support new video project

Image from “Ready” – Sapphica.com

Over the years while playing basketball overseas, former Minnesota Lynx forward Kristen Mann found the time to pursue another passion: music. During a stint in French pro league, she worked with her musical partner, Gabriel Mann (no relation) on the EP Phase One, released in 2012. The duo known as Sapphica are now hard at work finishing a video for a song on their second EP Unlisted, released this summer.

The video for the track “Ready” is a “a very dark, seductive story of a sexy lesbian assassin who finds she’s falling in love with a trainee and wondering how and if she can leave the only life she’s ever known.”

In order to finish production of the video, Sapphica recently launched a 60-day fundraiser. With the funds, they will also create an extended video for submission to independent film festivals.

Meanwhile, on the basketball front, Mann is working on staying shape as she waits to hear from her agent about playing overseas for the winter.

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