Dishin & Swishin 3/05/15 Podcast: Time for Charlie Creme’s annual Bracketology visit


The groundhog comes out once a year to look for his shadow, maybe bite the ear of a Wisconsin mayor, and to tell us how much more winter (and snow) we people in the North are going to get.

Women’s basketball has their version of the groundhog in ESPN’s bracketologist Charlie Creme, who comes out at this time each year, to predict how many more weeks of basketball some teams have, and who should be getting ready for spring break.

Creme watches hours and hours of video, reviews and analyzes teams, conferences, trends, schedules, precedents, historical placements, injuries and a myriad of other factors. He projects who will be the 64 teams selected for the women’s NCAA tournament including seedings and speculates on what goes on in those crazy selection committee members’ minds.

There is so much that goes into both the actual selection process by the committee and Creme’s process of projection. On today’s Dishin & Swishin, Creme returns for the third consecutive year to the podcast to look at the intricacies involved with this year’s bracket. While the top four seeds are probably going to be settled among five teams via conference tournaments (can Tennessee move past Maryland or South Carolina?), there is a lot of intrigue among the bubble teams.

Creme explains what happens in the case of Louisville not being able to host the first rounds, the impact of mid-majors tournaments results (who can survive an upset?), why the power conferences get as many at large bids as they do compared to second or third place mid-major conference teams, and what role RPI and conference record has in the selection process.

It is great to be able to give Creme more than two minutes at halftime of a game or 140 characters on Twitter to explain his thoughts! So before Charlie Creme returns to his summer hibernation, enjoy his annual visit to Dishin & Swishin.

Enjoy the podcast!

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