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Dishin & Swishin 3/20/15 Podcast: More of The Roundtable! NCAA Tournament Preview Part II

Published on March 20, 2015


If today’s first round of the women’s tournament goes anything like the men’s games yesterday, it will be crazy!

Yesterday, in part one of the Dishin & Swishin Roundtable, three of the four regions were discussed. Today, we talk in-depth about the teams selected, the problems with the process and the committee choices and criteria and more.

As a reminder, we have an outstanding panel, with a slight twist. Not only is there the usual array of outstanding journalists, but we have added a legendary coach to give a different perspective of things. The participants are:

  • Doug Feinberg, Associated Press national women’s basketball writer
    LaChina Robinson, ESPN analyst
    Debbie Antonelli, ESPN analyst
    Lin Dunn, former NCAA and WNBA head coach

When this group got together, along with host and moderator David Siegel, the conversation was so enjoyable and informative that we need to break it into two parts! Part one aired yesterday, and today we bring you part two.

Topics include:

  • Breaking down each region
  • Upsets? Does the No. 5 vs. No. 12 matchup produce upsets on the women’s side too?
  • Underseeding! Princeton, DePaul, James Madison and more
  • Does Arkansas with their 6-10 conference record deserve to be in the tournament or someone else?
  • Who should you be looking for? Stories, upstarts, and unknowns
  • What wins in March and April? Styles, programs, positions and coaches

Plus of course a lot more! All of the insight you have come to look for in the Roundtable discussions.

So before you submit your brackets, check out both or Dishin & Swishin’s roundtable podcasts! Enjoy!


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