Getting to the know the WNBA draftees: Q&A with Jewell Loyd

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You and Amanda, one-two in the draft, this is a rare year in the WNBA draft, two underclassmen going into the draft and then being the top two.

It’s what was best for me.  For her, maybe it’s the best thing for her. I think we’re both just so humbled and honored to be here, it’s just a great opportunity.

You think of the possibilities (when you decide to enter the draft), you just want a chance, an opportunity, a door to open. I just one door to open and everything else will fall into place.

When did you know it was time to go?

My brother and I, we plan things out.  We write stuff on a list, then cross it off, write it on, cross it off; it got to the point where pretty much everything is crossed off but this. So it was an opportunity, and we held hands as a family, and jumped through the door.

What do you think your role is going to be with the Storm and what do you think you need to work on the most?

I’m coming in and I’m going to learn. It’s a chance to learn from some great players and the coaching staff, and I’m going to take it all in. I want to be a sponge, and I think I can bring a lot of hard work and determination. That’s something I’ve been really big on. I’m ready to come in and add a little variety, a little swag, some alley-oops and keep that alive. I’m just trying to add a little spice to the game.

I definitely need to get in the weight room, get back to working out again and got some more weight on me because it’s a much more physical game than in college. Definitely working on decision making; the game’s a little faster, I’ve got to make the right passes and shot selection. That’s stuff you always have to keep working on as your game evolves.

First number one draft choice from Notre Dame, and third year in a row of first rounder after Skylar (Diggins), Kayla (McBride), and Natalie (Achonwa). How does it feel to be “on top?”

You know this is the first time I can say I beat Skylar at something! It’s humbling, without them, it never would have been a possibility. Without Skylar beating me every day in one-on-one, that’s what motivated me to get in the gym. So, this is a credit to them.

How about having Sue Bird as a teammate, one of the game’s all-time greats?

I’m going to learn, I’m going to have my notepad, and walk around and take notes. Anything, she says hello, I’m writing it down. She says do this, it’s going in my notes. I’m going to learn as much as I can.

On draft day, you came out with a piece talking about having dyslexia. Was there a connection to it being draft day, and you deciding to discuss that publicly?

I want to be an advocate. I want to help others who have gone through this, and I want to be a spokesperson and really push it. I know my struggles, and for someone else to speak about something you’re dealing with, maybe it can encourage someone else who is nervous about it and is going through the same things I went through. I just really want to support the cause.

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