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Wichita State releases statement on internal review, Jody Adams to remain coach

Published on May 5, 2015


After conducting a internal review resulting from allegations of mental and verbal abuse of players by head coach Jody Adams, Wichita State released the following statement:

Following an internal review of the women’s basketball program, Coach Jody Adams and officials at Wichita State University renewed their commitment to ensuring positive experiences for student athletes in a successful program.

The internal review was initiated by university President John Bardo following reports from four players who said they left the program because of certain approaches taken by Adams.

During a two-hour meeting in Morrison Hall on Monday, May 4, Julie Scherz, faculty athletic representative, reported on findings from her interviews with 38 current and former members of the basketball team, coaching staff, team members’ parents and others associated with the program. Alan L. Rupe, counsel for Jody Adams, reported on his interviews with the same individuals. It was agreed there were conflicting stories in the interviews.

The parties agreed to several new measures during the meeting, including the appointment of a consultant in sports psychology who may be able to help both the coaching staff and student athletes. Working with this consultant will help everyone identify their challenges, set goals, increase confidence, and cope with difficult times to ensure the continual improvement of the WSU’s women’s basketball team. Players will also have enhanced open lines of communication to the faculty athletic representative and the athletic director.

Athletic Director Eric Sexton said: “As the results of our review were discussed, Coach Adams showed that she has an understanding of the concerns about her coaching style, and she exhibited her willingness to work to constantly improve the women’s basketball program.”

Adams said:  “I love Wichita State, our fans and especially our players and their families.  I’ve dedicated my life to building a successful program that not only wins basketball games, but prepares young women for the rest of their lives.  I regret if my efforts to build winning teams were ever seen as disrespectful of any person.  I’ll continue to look for ways that I can improve both my coaching style and technique to help us win games and improve the lives of our players every day.”

Bardo said: “I acted out of concern for the welfare of our student athletes. Dr. Scherz found a strong difference of opinion among players; some whose complaints about Coach Adams were numerous and concerning; others who held Coach Adams in high regard. The agreement we reached with Coach Adams today is intended to promote a positive culture in the program for all players.”

Participants in the meeting in Morrison Hall were Adams and her representatives, Rupe and Jeremy Schrag, from Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith Attorneys; Bardo; Sexton; Ted Ayres, vice president and general counsel; Darron Boatright, associate athletic director; and Scherz, who is an associate professor in communication sciences and disorders at WSU.



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