• November 27, 2022

Official explanation on scoring discrepancy in Albany-Florida game in first round of NCAA tournament

No. 12 seed Albany defeated No. 5 seed Florida 61-58 in the first round of the NCAA tournament in the Syracuse subregional Friday afternoon. The game was not without controversy as both teams indicated frustration with the officiating and score keeping. Per the NCAA, the final box score will indicate the score as 61-58, with an asterisk to a statement indicating final score of 61-59.

The statement:

The final official score of the Albany-Florida game remains 61-59 based on the final progressive team totals of the official scorebook, even though final statistics indicate 61-58.  The mistake was made by the official scorer in awarding a free throw to Florida that did not occur.  2016-17 NCAA Women’s Basketball Rules (Rule 2, Section 9, Article 12) states that “…referee shall accept the record of the official scorebook, unless the referee has knowledge that permits another decision.  When the discrepancy is in the score and the error is not resolved, the referee shall accept the progressive team totals of the official scorebook.”  The score remains 61-59 because Rule 2-4.3 states: “When all three officials leave the visual confines of the playing area at the end of the game, the officials’ jurisdiction has ended and the score has been approved.”

Albany senior forward Shereesha Richards fouled out of the game. Her take on leaving the game:

“A lot of emotions, I am not going to lie. A lot of the calls were ridiculous, I am not going to lie. Just a lot of emotions when I got out of the game, because I wasn’t there for my team and I knew that they needed me. They stepped up and did a great job and I am so proud of them.”

Albany will face No. 4 seed Syracuse in the second round on Sunday.

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