#Rio2016: Rankings, Notes and Statistics of Teams Ousted Before the Semifinals

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Final Standings of Teams Ousted Before the Semifinals1

Ousted In Quarterfinals

5. Australia (5-1) Group A, lost to Serbia
6. Turkey (3-3) Group A, lost to Spain
7. Canada (3-3) Group B, lost to France
8. Japan (2-4) Group A, lost to the USA

Failed to Qualify for Quarterfinals

9. Belarus (1-4) Group A
10. China (1-4) Group B
11. Brazil (0-5) Group A
12. Senegal (0-5) Group B


  • Liz Cambage was outstanding even in Australia’s loss to Serbia in the quarterfinals scoring 29 points on 11-15 shooting and grabbing 11 rebounds.
  • It was Penny Taylor’s final game as an Opal. The Phoenix Mercury forward and two-time silver medalist announced her retirement earlier this summer.
  • It was the first time that Australia missed the medal round since the Barcelona Games in 1992 when the Opals failed to make the Olympics.
  • In 2004, Australian legend Lauren Jackson was the leading scorer at the Athens Games when Australia won the silver medal. She averaged 22.9 points per game and 10 rebounds per contest.
  • Australia has competed in the most Olympic Games of any team ousted so far at eight. The number of Olympic Games for the other eliminated teams:
    Brazil, 7
    Canada, 6
    Japan, 4
    Turkey, 2
    Belarus, 2
    Senegal, 2
  • It was the first Olympics for last place finisher Senegal since the Sydney Games in 2000. The last time Belarus competed was in 2008 during the Beijing Games. Japan’s last outing in the Olympics was in 2004 in Athens.

Top Performers of Ousted Teams


  1. Liz Cambage, Australia, 23.5 ppg
  2. LaToya (Lara) Sanders, Turkey 22.0 ppg
  3. Ramu Tokashiki, Japan 17.0 ppg
  4. Damiris Dantas, Brazil, 16.8 ppg
  5. Nevriye Yilmaz, Turkey, 16.3 ppg


  1. Clarissa Dos Santos, Brazil, 12.4 rpg
  2. Liz Cambage, Australia, 10.3 rpg
  3. Yelena Leuchanka, Belarus, 9.0 rpg
  4. LaToya (Lara) Sanders, Turkey, 8.2 rpg
  5. Damiris Dantas, Brazil, 7.6 rpg


  1. Asami Yoshida, Japan, 8.7
  2. Penny Taylor, Australia, 5.5
  3. Lindsey Harding, Belarus, 5.0
    Adriana Moises, Brazil, 5.0
  4. Leilani Mitchell, Australia, 4.5
    Birsel Vardarli Demirmen, Turkey, 4.5
  5. Xiaojia Chen, China, 4.2

1FIBA Classification Notes
The four teams eliminated in the quarterfinals will form one group and shall be classified for the places 5 to 8 according to the following criteria:

  1. Win-loss record in their Preliminary Round group
  2. If teams have the same win-loss record, the classification will be determined by the standings of the teams in their respective Preliminary Round group.
  3. If two teams have the same standings, the classification will be determined by the goal average (by division) taking into account the results of all games played in their respective group.


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