Game Updates: Minnesota at Los Angeles, June 3, 2011

1st Quarter

Sparks started out ice cold, and now they’ve warmed up and the Mercury are missing a few shots. It’s already 18-16 @ 4:47 to go in the first. it’ll be 100 points at the end of this game at this rate.

Sparks are standing around watching the Merc put up shots. Where’s the D?

Good lord, Delisha Milton-Jones has 14 points in the first quarter! Tina Thompson adds 8 and Noelle Quinn, 7.

Temeka Johnson leads the Mercury with 7, and Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor each have 6.

31-30 Sparks. What’s the record for most points scored in a quarter?

2nd Quarter

Braxton called for traveling, throws the ball (not hard) against bottom of basket in frustration.

The pace of the game has slowed down…..40-33 Sparks at the 5:50 second quarter timeout. Sparks had a little run and now no one has scored for a few possessions.

Wow…….Sparks are 63.6 % from three-point line and Mercury are 45.5.

2-pt field goals are 53.6 and 45.2, respectively.

45-35 @ 22:57 timeout

All Sparks starters still at the same point totals that they were at the end of the first quarter, but Kristi Toliver has 8 and the Sparks are now ahead 51-39. You do the math…….

15 seconds to go in the half.

54 at the half equals the Sparks “most points scored in a half” record.

3rd Quarter

Milton-Jones just tried to throw the ball at Temeka Johnson on her way out of bounds, but it hit her in the stomach and the ref gave the possession to Phoenix. The slightly perturbed look on TJ’s face was priceless.

They really use the “everybody clap your hands” sound bit too much here at Staples. True that LA fans are much, much too quiet, but can we get a few more songs to get them involved?

In the house: freshly graduated Darxia Morris of UCLA (ceremony was earlier today).

4th Quarter

It’s the Thompson, Parker Toliver show in the fourth quarter. CP and TT each with 15, Toliver with 14. DMJ with 14 from 1st quarter.

The Old School Crew performs to “Supersonic,” to much applause.

Sparks spokesman Ben Alkaly says the current 13 three-point shots (13/27 @ 3 minute mark) breaks the franchise record.

Braxton has a lot of mascara on.

Wonder what Taurasi said to get that tech? Staples crowd is happy about it.

DMJ finally scoreing again….a big three and now is fouled. Makes both.

98-84 final

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