NCAA rules and the three Baylor players ejected during the game vs. Tennessee

Late in the second half during the Elite Eight game between Baylor and Tennessee, officials ejected three players for leaving the bench when Shekinna Stricklen and Odyssey Sims got into a minor scuffle. Officials punished Brittney Griner, Jordan Madden and Terran Condrey. Mayhem ensued on Twitter as fans debated whether or not Griner would be suspended the next game. This is the NCAA ruling that determined the decision of the officials Monday night:

Art. 8. Bench personnel leaving the bench area when a fight may break out or has
broken out. The head coach may leave the bench area in this case to prevent the
situation from escalating.

PENALTY: ( Art. 8 ) Flagrant 2 technical fouls. Two free throws shall be awarded to any player on the offended team, unless double fouls are assessed. For double flagrant fouls, no free throws are awarded. For any flagrant 2 technical foul, the ball shall be awarded to the offended team at the point of interruption. When anyone other than the head coach leaves the bench and enters the playing court but does not participate in the fight, only one technical foul shall be assessed regardless of the number of offenders. This one foul is charged indirectly to the head coach. For any single flagrant 2 technical foul, the ball shall be awarded to the offended team at the point of interruption. When a single flagrant 2 technical foul occurs during intermission for the second or extra period, play shall resume with a throw-in to the offended team on either side of midcourt. This flagrant 2 technical foul applies toward the team-foul total, and the offender(s) shall be ejected but not subjected to suspension.

Source: NCAA 2011-2013 Men’s & Women’s Basketball Rule Book

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  • Like any other sport should have been automatic suspension for one game. Only ejected and nothing else
    because of who it is in this case. Very sad that favoritism is being played.

    • The rules do not call for automatic suspension in this case. Check out the last sentence. There was no fight and the players who came off of the bench did not get involved in a fight. They were trying to get their teammate off of the floor. If there was a fight and a brawl ensued with players from the bench, then yes, suspensions should have been meted out. But that was not the case.

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