Alabama self-reports secondary NCAA rules violations including four in women’s basketball

The University of Alabama self-reported 27 secondary NCAA rules violations in several sports including four in women’s basketball. The school published a list of the violations Tuesday on its website. The violations in women’s basketball include:

Two student-athletes were allowed to practice a few days beyond the 21-day maximum while waiting for their transcripts to be officially certified.
Corrective Action
Rules Education. Both student-athletes will miss 4 practices each throughout the remainder of the year in order to compensate for the practices they impermissibly participated in.

A member of the coaching staff sent a text message to a PSA.
Corrective Action
Letter of admonishment. 14-day phone call ban for coach. Rules education.

A member of the coaching staff sent a textmessage to a PSA.
Corrective Action
Rules education

After the scheduled basketball camps were cancelled for the summer of 2012, a member of the coaching staff provided camp t-shirts to high school coaches who were scheduled to work at the camps.
Corrective Action
The coach was banned from any recruiting communications with any prospect for one week, provided education, given a letter of admonishment.

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