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Three-year high ratings for 2017 NCAA Women’s National Championship

Published on April 4, 2017


ESPN announced that ratings for the  2017 NCAA Women’s National Championship reached a three-year high with an average total live audience of 3,886,000 viewers via TV and live streaming. The figure represents an overall 29 percent increase from last year’s championship.

Monday the network announced that the title game was the most streamed championship ever. In addition, the Mississippi State vs. UConn game was the most watched semifinal in four years with a total live audience of 2,783,000 viewers.

Other ratings tidbits:

  • The TV-only audience for the national championship peaked at 5,338,000 viewers.
  • The entire Final Four averaged a total live audience of 2,754,000 viewers per game.
  • The three games were the most-watched women’s Final Four since 2014 and up 18 percent from last year.


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