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Baylor, Louisville, Notre Dame and UConn named top seeds in last 2019 NCAA DI Top 16 reveal

Published on March 4, 2019


In the second NCAA top-16 reveal for 2018-19, UConn and Notre Dame replaced Oregon and Mississippi State in the list of projected No. 1 seeds for the 2019 NCAA tournament.

March 4 Reveal

  1. Baylor (No. 1 seed — Greensboro Region)
  2. Louisville (No. 1 seed — Chicago Region)
  3. Notre Dame (No. 1 seed — Portland Region)
  4. UConn (No. 1 seed — Albany Region)
  5. Oregon
  6. Mississippi State
  7. Stanford
  8. Iowa
  9. NC State
  10. Maryland
  11. Oregon State
  12. South Carolina
  13. Miami (FL)
  14. Iowa State
  15. Syracuse
  16. Texas A&M

*Rankings based on games played through Sunday, March 3.

Feb. 11 Reveal

  1. Baylor (No. 1 seed – Greensboro Region)
  2. Louisville (No. 1 seed – Chicago Region)
  3. Oregon (No. 1 seed – Portland Region)
  4. Mississippi State (No. 1 seed – Albany Region)
  5. UConn
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Stanford
  8. North Carolina State
  9. Marquette
  10. Iowa
  11. Maryland
  12. Oregon State
  13. South Carolina
  14. Gonzaga
  15. Iowa State
  16. Miami (FL)

Baylor remained the overall No. 1 seed and projected to play in the Greensboro Region along with Iowa, NC State & Texas A&M. The Albany Regional includes No. 1 seed UConn as well as Mississippi State, Oregon State and Miami. Louisville leads the Chicago Regional as the No. 1 seed joined by Stanford, Maryland and Iowa State. The Portland Regional has Notre Dame as the No. 1 seed along with Oregon, South Carolina and Syracuse.

“Since our first reveal on February 11 there has been significant movement on all of the seed lines,” said Rhonda Lundin Bennett, chair of the Division I Women’s Basketball Committee and senior associate athletics director and senior woman administrator at the University of Nevada. “We have two teams that have elevated from No. 2 seeds to the one line in Notre Dame and UConn and other teams moving up or attempting to play their way to higher seeds. We look forward to conference tournament play over the next two weeks that will go a long way to determining which teams are in contention for not only top-seed consideration but at-large bids as well.”

The annual selection show to decide the official tournament field is set for March 18 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Regional Assignments

Mississippi State
Oregon State
Miami (FL)

Iowa State

NC State
Texas A&M

Notre Dame
South Carolina

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