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Barack Obama fills out brackets for the 2019 NCAA Tournaments, puts Baylor and UConn in final women’s game

Published on March 21, 2019


Obama’s 2019 Women’s Bracket

Following up on a tradition he started during his two terms in the White House, former president Barack Obama filled out March Madness brackets and posted his predictions on Twitter.

Obama’s Sweet 16 Picks

  • Baylor
  • South Carolina
  • NC State
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi State
  • Arizona State
  • South Dakota State
  • Indiana
  • Notre Dame
  • Marquette
  • Iowa State
  • Stanford
  • Louisville
  • Oregon State
  • Maryland
  • UConn

Obama’s Final Four Picks

  • Baylor
  • Notre Dame
  • Mississippi State
  • UConn

Notably, he has No. 1 seed Louisville losing to the No. 2 seed, UConn in the Albany Regional to reach the Final Four. Louisville beat UConn in late January 78-69.




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