2020 WNBA Transactions


August 31, 2020

Chicago Sky: Signed free agent forward Alisia Jenkins to a 7-day contract

August 26, 2020

Indiana Fever: Signed forward Jantel Lavender, as well as a second and third-round draft pick in the 2021 WNBA Draft from the Chicago Sky, in exchange for forward Stephanie Mavunga.
Chicago Sky: Signed forward Stephanie Mavunga

August 26, 2020

Phoenix Mercury: Shey Peddy – Sign 7-Day – 2nd Contract
Washington Mystics: Jacki Gemelos – Sign ROS Contract

August 25, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Alexis Jones – Waivers Cleared
Phoenix Mercury: Shey Peddy – 7-Day Contract Release
Washington Mystics: Jacki Gemelos – 7-Day Contract Release

August 24, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Kaela Davis – Signed 7-day contract
Atlanta Dream: Alexis Jones – Waived

August 20, 2020

Indiana Fever: Kamiah Smalls – Sign ROS Contract (Hardship)

August 19, 2020

Phoenix Mercury: Shey Peddy – Signed
Washington Mystics: Jacki Gemelos – Signed 7-day contract

August 18, 2020

Las Vegas: Megan Huff – Waived

August 17, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Essence Carson – Signed from waivers
Connecticut Sun: Jacki Gemelos – Waived
Indiana Fever: Alisia Jenkins – Signed (as a replacement for Victoria Vivians, sidelined indefinitely due to a right knee injury)

August 16, 2020

Washington Mystics: Alecia “Sug” Sutton – Signed
Washington Mystics: Essence Carson – Waived

August 13, 2020

Washington Mystics: Stella Johnson – Sign ROS Contract (Hardship)

August 12, 2020

Chicago Sky: Stella Johnson – Replacement Contract Terminated

August 8, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Avery Warley-Talbert – Waived
Las Vegas Aces: Megan Huff – ROS Contract Signed

August 6, 2020

Minnesota Lynx: Megan Huff – Waived
Minnesota Lynx: Odyssey Sims – Activated

July 31, 2020

Las Vegas: Cierra Burdick – Contract Signed

July 30, 2020

Minnesota Lynx: Erica McCall – Signed on waivers from Atlanta

July 29, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Erica McCall – Waived (Team activated Glory Johnson)
Minnesota Lynx: Karima Christmas-Kelly – Non-active (Achilles tendon rupture, out for rest of season); Waived

July 22, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Alex Bentley – Waived

July 12, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Erica McCall – ROS (Hardship) Contract Signed

July 4, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Avery Warley-Talbert – Sign Regular Contract

June 29, 2020

Chicago Sky: Stella Johnson – ROS (Hardship) Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Alaina Coates – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Shey Peddy – Contract Signed

June 28, 2020

Los Angeles Sparks: Te’a Cooper – Contract Signed

June 27, 2020

Los Angeles Sparks: Reshanda Gray – Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Chiney Ogwumike – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Los Angeles Sparks: Kristi Toliver – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)

June 26, 2020

New York Liberty: Joyner Holmes – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Essence Carson – Contract Signed

June 25, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Jacki Gemelos – Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Rebecca Allen – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)

June 24, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Jaylyn Agnew – Contract Signed
Atlanta Dream: Betnijah Laney – Contract Signed

June 23, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Tiffany Hayes – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Connecticut Sun: Beatrice Mompremier – Contract Signed

June 22, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Jonquel Jones – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Washington Mystics: LaToya Sanders – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Washington Mystics: Natasha Cloud – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)

June 18, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Renee Montgomery – Personal Decision (Full Season)

June 17, 2020

Minnesota Lynx: Megan Huff – Signed
Indiana Fever: Betnijah Laney – Waived
Indiana Fever: Stephanie Mavunga – Signed

June 16, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Alex Bentley – Signed

May 26, 2020

Chicago Sky: Kiah Gillespie – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Chicago Sky: Alexis Prince – Waived
New York Liberty: Reshanda Gray – Waived
New York Liberty: Han Xu – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
New York Liberty: Marine Johannes- Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Seattle Storm: Joyner Holmes – Waived
Seattle Storm: Haley Gorecki – Waived
Minnesota Lynx: Bridget Carleton – Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Jessica Shepard – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Los Angeles Sparks: Maria Vadeeva – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Los Angeles Sparks: Beatrice Mompremier – Waived
Los Angeles Sparks: Tynice Martin – Waived
Los Angeles Sparks: Kristine Anigwe – Traded
Dallas Wings: Karlie Samuelson – Waived
Phoenix Mercury: Olivia Epoupa – Waived
Phoenix Mercury: Sara Blicavs – Waived
Phoenix Mercury: Stella Johnson – Waived
Phoenix Mercury: Te’a Cooper – Waived

May 25, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Mikayla Pivec – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Atlanta Dream: Elina Babkina – Cleared Waivers
Chicago Sky: Japreece Dean – Waived
Connecticut Sun: Jacki Gemelos- Waived
Connecticut Sun: Jazmon Gwathmey – Waived
Connecticut Sun: Megan Huff – Waived
Connecticut Sun: Juicy Landrum – Waived
Minnesota Lynx: Linnae Harper – Waived
Minnesota Lynx: Erica Ogwumike – Waived
Washington Mystics: Sug Sutton – Waived
Washington Mystics: Jaylyn Agnew – Waived

May 24, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Maite Cazorla – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)
Dallas Wings: Morgan Bertsch – Cleared Waivers

May 22, 2020

Dallas Wings: Morgan Bertsch – Waived

May 21, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Avery Warley-Talbert – Cleared Waivers
Las Vegas Aces: Lauren Manis – Cleared Waivers
Indiana Fever: Kamiah Smalls – Cleared Waivers
Indiana Fever: Jessica January – Cleared Waivers

May 19, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Carolyn Swords – Training Camp Contract Signed
Las Vegas Aces: Avery Warley-Talbert – Waived
Las Vegas Aces: Lauren Manis – Waived
Indiana Fever: Kamiah Smalls – Waived
Indiana Fever: Jessica January – Waived

May 15, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Kelsey Plum – Contract Extension Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Sydney Wiese – Contract Extension Signed

May 7, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: JiSu Park – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)

May 4, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Raisa Musina – Cleared Waivers

May 2, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Raisa Musina – Waived

April 30, 2020

New York Liberty: Tayler Hill – Cleared Waivers
Connecticut Sun: Valeriane Ayayi – Cleared Waivers

April 29, 2020

Phoenix Mercury: Te’a Cooper – Rookie Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Mikiah Herbert Harrigan – Rookie Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Erica Ogwumike – Rookie Contract Signed

April 28, 2020

Chicago Sky: Ruthy Hebard – Rookie Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Stella Johnson – Rookie Contract Signed
Connecticut Sun: Valeriane Ayayi – Waived
New York Liberty: Tayler Hill – Waived
New York Liberty: Stephanie Talbot – Non-Active – Personal Decision (Full Season)

April 27, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Lauren Manis – Rookie Contract Signed

April 26, 2020

Los Angeles Sparks: Beatrice Mompremier – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Sabrina Ionescu – Rookie Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Kaela Davis – Cleared Waivers

April 25, 2020

Chicago Sky: Kiah Gillespie – Rookie Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Kitija Laksa – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Jocelyn Willoughby – Rookie Contract Signed

April 24, 2020

Dallas Wings: Tyasha Harris – Rookie Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Kaela Davis – Waived
Chicago Sky: Japreece Dean – Rookie Contract Signed
Connecticut Sun: Juicy Landrum – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Kylee Shook – Rookie Contract Signed
Indiana Fever: Erica McCall – Cleared Waivers
Indiana Fever: Paris Kea – Cleared Waivers

April 23, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Chennedy Carter – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Brittany Boyd – Cleared Waivers
Connecticut Sun: Kaila Charles – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Leaonna Odom – Rookie Contract Signed

April 22, 2020

New York Liberty: Jazmine Jones – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Megan Walker – Rookie Contract Signed
Las Vegas Aces: Liz Cambage – Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Crystal Dangerfield – Rookie Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Jaylyn Agnew – Rookie Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Sug Sutton – Rookie Contract Signed
Indiana Fever: Erica McCall – Waived
Indiana Fever: Paris Kea – Waived
Seattle Storm: Joyner Holmes – Rookie Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Haley Gorecki – Rookie Contract Signed

April 21, 2020

Indiana Fever: Kamiah Smalls – Rookie Contract Signed
Indiana Fever: Kathleen Doyle – Rookie Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Satou Sabally – Rookie Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Brittany Boyd – Waived
Indiana Fever: Lauren Cox – Rookie Contract Signed

April 20, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Mikayla Pivec – Rookie Contract Signed
Atlanta Dream: Brittany Brewer – Rookie Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Bella Alarie – Rookie Contract Signed

April 18, 2020

New York Liberty: Stephanie Talbot – Traded
Minnesota Lynx: Erica Ogwumike – Traded Rights
New York Liberty: Jocelyn Willoughby  – Traded Rights
Phoenix Mercury: Shatori Walker-Kimbrough – Traded

April 16, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Alaina Coates – Contract Signed

April 15, 2020

New York Liberty: Tina Charles – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Tina Charles – Traded
New York Liberty: Shatori Walker-Kimbrough – Traded
New York Liberty: Tayler Hill – Traded

April 9, 2020

Phoenix Mercury: Olivia Epoupa – Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Sara Blicavs – Contract Signed

March 30, 2020

Dallas Wings: Imani McGee-Stafford – Suspended – Full Season

March 20, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Avery Warley-Talbert – Contract Signed

March 19, 2020

Indiana Fever: Jessica January – Contract Signed

March 14, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Megan Huff – Contract Signed

March 13, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Jacki Gemelos – Contract Signed

March 7, 2020

Minnesota Lynx: Shenise Johnson – Acquired via Trade

March 2, 2020

Indiana Fever: Julie Allemande – Contract Signed

February 29, 2020

Minnesota Lynx: Cecilia Zandalasini – Contract Signed

February 28, 2020

Los Angeles Sparks: Chelsea Gray – Contract Signed

February 27, 2020

Washington Mystics: Rebecca Greenwell – Waived

February 26, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Elina Babkina – Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Rachel Banham – Acquired via Trade
Connecticut Sun: Valeriane Ayayi – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Lee Suel Kang – Contract Signed

February 25, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Jazmon Gwathmey – Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Sue Bird – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Courtney Vandersloot – Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Maria Vadeeva – Team Option Exercised

February 24, 2020

New York Liberty: Marine Johannes – Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Kia Vaughn – Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Epiphanny Prince – Contract Signed
Connecticut Sun: Kaleena Mosqueda-Lews – Traded

February 23, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Blake Dietrick – Contract Signed

February 21, 2020

Chicago Sky: Allie Quigley – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Marina Mabrey – Acquired via Trade
Minnesota Lynx: Kayla Alexander – Contract Signed
Minnesota Lynx: Linnae Harper – Contract Signed

February 20, 2020

Las Vegas Aces: Raisa Musina – Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Seimone Augustus – Contract Signed

February 19, 2020

Indiana Fever: Bernadett Határ – Contract Signed
Atlanta Dream: Courtney Williams – Acquired via Trade
Phoenix Mercury: Jessica Breland – Traded
Phoenix Mercury: Nia Coffey – Traded
Connecticut Sun: Briann January- Traded

February 18, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Alexis Jones – Awarded on Waivers
Las Vegas Aces: Sugar Rodgers – Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Reshanda Gray – Contract Signed

February 17, 2020

Washington Mystics: Emma Meesseman – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Stefanie Dolson – Contract Signed

February 16, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Shekinna Stricklen – Contract Signed
Las Vegas Aces: Danielle Robinson – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Alexis Prince – Contract Signed

February 15, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Bria Holmes – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Kahleah Copper – Contract Signed

February 14, 2020

Indiana Fever: Tiffany Mitchell – Contract Signed
Indiana Fever: Betnijah Lanhey – Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Brittney Griner – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Azura Stevens – Traded
Dallas Wings: Katie Lou Samuelson – Traded

February 13, 2020

Atlanta Dream: Glory Johnson – Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Bria Hartley – Contract Signed
Phoenix Mercury: Yvonne Turner – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Leilani Mitchell – Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Breanna Stewart – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Sydney Colson – Contract Signed
Chicago Sky: Diamond DeShields – Team Option Exercised
Chicago Sky: Gabby Williams – Team Option Exercised

February 12, 2020

Phoenix Mercury: Skylar Diggins-Smith – Acquired via Trade
Dallas Wings: Astou Ndour – Acquired via Trade

February 11, 2020

Connecticut Sun: DeWanna Bonner – Acquired via Trade
Dallas Wings: Isabelle Harrison – Contract Signed
Washington Mystics: Elena Delle Donne – Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Tierra Ruffin-Pratt – Contract Signed

February 10, 2020

Connecticut Sun: Jonquel Jones – Contract Signed
Connecticut Sun: Natisha Hiedeman – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Megan Gustafson – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Moriah Jefferson – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Imani McGee-Stafford – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Karlie Samuelson – Contract Signed
Dallas Wings: Morgan Bertsch – Contract Signed
New York Liberty: Layshia Clarendon – Contract Signed
Connecticut Sun: Morgan Tuck – Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sparks: Marie Gulich – Acquired via Trade
Los Angeles Sparks: Brittney Sykes – Acquired via Trade
Atlanta Dream: Kalani Brown – Acquired via Trade
Las Vegas Aces: Angel McCoughtry – Contract Signed
Seattle Storm: Morgan Tuck – Traded
Los Angeles Sparks: Kristi Toliver – Contract Signed

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