Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

#ThePostUp Podcast 7/7/16: After a successful pro career Chasity Melvin turns her attention to helping other ex-players

Click here to subscribe to the podcast with your feed reader or podcast app. Also available on iTunes and Google Play Music. Taped June 24, 2016 Our guest is former WNBA player ...

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Dishin & Swishin 09/26/13 Podcast: Dissecting the conference finals with players who have been there: Katie Smith, DeLisha Milton-Jones, Monique Ambers and Chasity Melvin

Last week we broke down the WNBA conference semifinals with some of the best that cover the game: writers and broadcasters. This ...

Dishin & Swishin 10/04/12 Podcast: Tully Bevilaqua calls it a career & Chasity Melvin on the WNBA conference finals

The WNBA season is nearing completion, and soon we will in the college season. Tonight begins the conference finals and Dishin ...